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You know that you’re the sort of person that reads (and writes for) the AppStorm when you find yourself getting excited about a calendar, of all things. This is the type of thing that people buy every year because they have to, a product that bookstores line their checkout aisles with.

Agenda changes that. Instead of trying to be a traditional calendar (which, to be honest, is boring) Agenda takes advantage of touch and the iPad’s big screen in a – dare I say it? – exciting way.


For a long time, Calvetica has been the most praised calendar app available for the iPhone. Fast, yet feature rich, beautiful, yet minimalist. It’s no wonder Calvetica was recommended by so many. Its only downfall? Followers of Mysterious Trousers’ amazing calendar app were left longing for a native iPad version to grace their 9.7 inch display.

Well, the wait is over. Mysterious Trousers have released version 4.0 of Calvetica and not only does this new version make the app universal, it boasts a complete overhaul of the entire design, doing the impossible and making Calvetica even more beautiful! Calvetica is finally the only calendar app that you need!


For some, iCal is a powerful enough tool for schedule management. It keeps track of personal calendars, provides reminders of appointments and to-dos, and even syncs with iOS devices. Some of us, however, want a little bit more out of our calendar application. That’s why we use Google Calendar. Multi-user calendars facilitate collaboration and group scheduling, group tasks help organize teams of workers, and cloud-based agendas can be accessed from anywhere.

Calendars is a Google Calendar client from the folks at Readdle that brings a lot of those features you love to your iPad. But with the Google Calendar web interface available on iPad, is it necessary?


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