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Unfortunately, this week it’s inevitable that some people will be excluded by the poll. This is because I’d like to ask a direct question about using the cameras on the iPad 2.

They were big news in the original launch announcement and continue to feature prominently on the iPad 2’s feature rundowns, but do people actually get any use out of them?

When I do take pictures with my iPad it’s an odd and slightly uncomfortable experience, holding it steady is often a clumsy affair – as a result I find that the cameras rarely get an airing.

Do you use either of the cameras on the iPad, which one gets the most use? I’m not saying they’re not useful, if you use FaceTime then they’re downright vital, but are the cameras something we like the idea of more than the reality?

I’d love to hear your comments on the matter. If you do use one or both of the cameras regularly, it’d be interesting to know what you are using them for? Feel free to comment below and get some discussion going over the purpose and practicalities of having cameras on tablets.

I love my iPad 2, it’s certainly found its place in my life. There is, however, one key feature of the iPad 2 that doesn’t really fit. I don’t believe that the cameras, as they currently stand, are really on a par with the rest of the device.

Apple has often been derided for its seeming inability to put effective cameras in its devices. For a company that so often gets things right, was putting cameras in the iPad 2 a mistake?