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I’m terrible at sending greeting cards, but I love receiving them. This makes me a horrible person, and I feel really bad about it. It’s just that scouring those racks and racks of cards during holidays, even the smaller, made up holidays, fills me with such anxiety. Once I’ve got all of my cards, I still have to fill them all out, address them, and ship them off. Let’s hope I have enough stamps!

Felt is taking a lot of the pressure off by taking on a lot of the work of sending greeting cards for you. You just choose the card, write the message, and tell Felt where to send it. I’ll see how Felt stands up to the supermarket aisle when it comes to letting your loved ones know just how loved they are. (more…)

Sometimes sending an email just feels so impersonal…

Sending your friend, or loved one, a postcard is a much nicer way of expressing your [insert emotion] than merely emailing them a link to an hilarious Onion article. This is where Touchnote comes in.

With the release of Cards, Apple has made it clear that they a least see a market in this sphere, even if they aren’t going to pursue it fervently in the future. One small issue, however, is that it’s not available for the iPad! Not to fear, Touchnote provides you with an iPad friendly alternative, but is the extra love you’ll receive in response to your physical postcard worth it?