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Back in March, we had a little debate concerning keyboard cases for the iPad and whether they were a productive accessory or just an unnecessary burden. Jonathan Kizer argued that typing on an external keyboard is much easier than on the iPad’s software keyboard, whereas Pedro Lobo mentioned that they were more of a hindrance than a tool to speed up your productivity, citing the useful shortcuts built into many apps such as WriteUp.

Soon after this, we were contacted by The Snugg, a popular manufacturer of a wide range of iPad and iPhone accessories and I thought in keeping to our theme, we would review their Bluetooth keyboard and case offering. Here are my thoughts.


iPads look stunning thanks to their aluminum back and glass façade. Nevertheless, these materials can easily be scratched and dented either after a drop or after a few months of strained usage. Protecting your iPad from these unwanted rubs and itches is important — not only to preserve its original appearance, but also to make it easier to resell in the future.

However, choosing the right cover and case can be overwhelming, given the number of options available on the market. To make it even more complicated, some products only cover part of your iPad, others won’t let you use it while it’s in the case and many aren’t compatible with Apple’s Smart Cover functionality. In order to make this selection process easier for you, we’ve picked an all-in-one case that many consider to be one of the best iPad cases available, and also one of the most affordable on the market: The KHOMO Super Slim Dual.

Here’s one for you, what condition is your iPad in?

I know several people who own the glorious multifunctional slab, and there’s a distinct difference between those who have taken great care, and those who haven’t…

Interestingly it doesn’t necessarily make a difference whether you have a case or not; some of the most careless people I know manage to damage things even when they’re well protected, and some of the careful ones go for years without a case on their iPhone with it still looking shiny and box-fresh.

How’s your iPad looking?

To do a full survey we’d have to look at when people got their iPad’s and perhaps the specific events that led to any damage – a single drop can make all of the difference. What I’m really interested in is how you feel about the look of your iPad now it’s been used?

Hit the comment button to let me know whether you’re mortified that there are scratches on the back, or whether you rather like the effect! Apple’s products always look great out of the box, with the help of the packaging designers, but do they still look great a little bumped and bruised?

There haven’t been many case reviews on iPad.AppStorm, besides that small roundup and the official Apple Smart Cover, but today I’m adding something to the list. Some of you may have heard of the small USA-based case company called Portenzo. They build elegant – and expensive – iPad cases that are made of wood, similar to Dodocase. They also manufacture these cases for other devices, including the iPhone, Kindle, and Playbook. Their iPad 2 cases range from $59.95 to $499 – yeah, as much as the iPad itself – and come in a great assortment of colors and skins.

Now you’re probably wondering how these “elegant” cases compare to the other great ones out there, especially at that large starting price. Today I’ll give you my experience with a Portenzo Notebook Style case – dive right in!


Earlier this week I wrote an article on the iPad case dilemma, discussing the various types of cases available and how they affect the way in which the iPad is used. I was fascinated to realise that many people use multiple cases as a solution for their usage situations, I use two myself.

What I’d really like to know is how many cases, or case-type accessories, you use? Are they for various different situations, or can you just not help yourself when you come across a delicious new leather folio case?

A huge industry has grown up to provide us with a wide array of options for the protection, and carrying, of our iPads, how many purchases are we making?

Feel free to leave a comment below if you so wish, I’d particularly love to hear from those who own more that 4 case solutions!