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With alternative e-mail clients such as Sparrow and Mailbox that boast tonnes of extra features and a fancy interface coming out for the iPhone, I get the feeling that the iPad is always slightly neglected in this game, which is a real pity seeing as I prefer doing e-mail on my iPad.

OK sure: the default client does its job but are you looking for a little more flair in an e-mail client? Do you want a new way of working through your inbox so you can get it quicker down to that magical figure of zero? Then let us know in this week’s poll on the right!

I have often felt that in the area of Instant Messaging on the iPad, there has been a bit of a vacuum. It seems like a perfect device for Instant Messaging, being both portable and easy to type on, yet there are few apps that are meant for IM.

And, since Skype has yet to create an official app for the iPad, the whole realm of iPad IM seems somewhat crippled. Considering that the iPad’s main strength, (at least in my view) is communication, that seems like a remarkable failing.

However, after doing some research, I believe I’ve discovered a solution to the problem in the form of IM+ Pro.