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GarageBand for iPad is an amazing app for anyone with a stake in music at all. If you’ve never tried any sort of composition tool, GarageBand is the way to go. With its set of ‘smart’ instruments, it’s unparalleled in terms of ease of use. It has a drum kit/pads, a piano, guitar and an option to amplify your guitar when plugged in with something like iRig.

In this tutorial, I’m going to run through all the steps you’ll need to start using GarageBand as an extra instrument for your musical piece or as a way to compose music solely by itself.


As a student, I am always on the go jumping from class to class, or hopping the bus to get across campus. My schedule does not work in tandem with my compositional desires. I used to revert to my voice recorder to try to grab any kind of melody that would pop into my head, until I met Symphony Pro for the iPad.

Symphony Pro is a fully-fledged music notation app designed exclusively for the iPad. With the portability of Apple’s tablet device, and the ease of use of iOS, let’s see how anyone can sit down and notate professional-looking sheet music on the go.