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I don’t know about you, but one of my first jobs in the morning is to get an overview of the upcoming day’s events. That includes reminding myself of pre-scheduled calendar dates and to-dos, but it also includes matters arising from incoming news and data.

To gather all the information I mention above, though, requires at least three different apps, and that doesn’t include checking the latest weather forecast. The obvious response to this, it would seem to me, is to ask: why? This, perhaps, was roughly the pattern of thought which lead Jeff Dlouhy and Chris Masterson — who, together, are known as the app development company Tamper – to create a new app called Morning.

Within the walls of its minimalist interface, Morning is designed to provide users with “everything they need to start their day off right in one glance,” according to the company’s press release. But can this $2.99 hub of data really replace your traditional morning tour of apps in one fell swoop? Let’s find out.


Do endless amounts of marketing data piled on your desk loom over you? Do you fear the danger of a world in which your marketing efforts get lost in the shadows? Are you a CMO who lies awake at night stricken by the threat of the competition? Well then, have no fear, Captain Dash is here!

Captain Dash collects all your online marketing data in the form of dashboards and widgets to give you quick insights into the effectiveness of your strategies. It also provides a way to compare yourself with and keep a leg up on the competition. So, will it help provide a boost to your marketing strategy? Read on to find out.


Every morning when I get up, I have a whole range of apps to check in with. I need to look at my calendar and my email first, but I also want to see what’s happening with my friends on social media. There are articles to read and to do lists to create. It’s a lot to manage at any time of the day.

My Dashboard is trying to make that process a lot less labor-intensive and a lot better looking. With slick panes for each service you use and an easy to customize interface, it’s looking to make your day go a whole lot more smoothly. Does My Dashboard pack the productivity punch it claims? Let’s check it out! (more…)

When it was teased on their home page a couple of days back, forums and blogs around the world exploded with rumours about what the new app from the “shockingly good software developers” Panic was going to be. And today, those rumours have been debunked. Panic have released an iPad dashboard app, innocently named Status Board, making it the sixth app from these acclaimed developers.

Panic’s foray into iOS app development has been limited to Diet Coda (which we reviewed back in June 2012) and Prompt, an SSH client for the iPhone and iPad, however Status Board marks a radical shift towards more consumer-orientated apps — something which your dear author appreciates terribly. Their reputation for making functionality and features sexy at the same time is something that has grabbed everybody’s attention, and Status Board is absolutely no exception to this.

Read on for our full review and thoughts on this new app.