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Apple worked very hard on developing iOS 7, the most recent release of its mobile operating system, which effectively transformed the stale user interface to something more colorful. As usual, it received mixed reviews. Some people called it “flat”, while others believed its colors rendered it “childish”.

It’s a fact that people don’t like change, so negative reactions to iOS 7 are not surprising. Apple’s recent update to the Remote app, on the other hand, is quite unexpected. It includes a full redesign to fit snugly with iOS 7. But strangely, it goes beyond the call of duty here, introducing new and foreign UI elements. Usually I would praise experimentation, but in this case, I’m not so sure it’s a good thing. (more…)

Let’s face it: the App Store teems with fast-paced games packed with action and suspense, especially on the iPad end of the spectrum because developers have so much space to use to their advantage. It’s all about the next new zombie game, or the arcade game that brings a new twist on an old classic. However, there are only so many of these games you can try out before they become stale.

KAMI gives a breath of fresh air to the gaming department by stripping away all the action and creating a laid-back, meditative gaming environment that can’t be found in many games these days. Does it compete with its action-packed competitors? Find out after the jump.

Can you guess what room of the home you spend most of our waking time in? It’s the kitchen. For many, it’s not just for cooking and dining — it’s also where you study, pay bills and hang out. Whether you’re renting a tiny apartment with a galley kitchen or you’ve just bought your first home (a real fixer upper), you’re going to need some inspiration, ideas and a little DIY.

Maybe it’s just a matter of adding some life to a drab dining area with lighting or a fresh coat of paint. Design solutions might be needed to keep dishes, silverware and cookware organized yet attractively displayed. Great décor apps don’t just provide inspiration, they also allow you to gather ideas, customize with notes and visualizations, purchase accessories and materials, communicate with design pro’s and find decorators/contractors in your area.

As a recipe developer, food writer and photographer I’m always striving to make my kitchen space more beautiful, functional and organized. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite free apps for kitchen design and decorating ideas.

Don’t spend another day in a drab kitchen. Keep reading for tips on redecorating with a little help from your iPad.


I’ve been a fan of Keri Smith’s illustration work for quite some time now and so was delighted to discover that This Is Not A Book had recently been released as an iOS application, under the similarly brilliant name of This Is Not An App.

For the uninitiated, This Is Not An App and its paper counterpart are an exercise in creativity, containing a treasure trove of activities designed to free your imagination and inspire even the most artistically challenged of folk. But the question is, just how well does this popular Penguin book translate to the iOS format? Let’s find out after the jump. (more…)

I have been a huge admirer of Aviary for a long time now. I don’t use their web apps often, but I’m in awe at them for showing the world what web apps are capable of. The range and quality of their toolkit on the web is praiseworthy. It’s no wonder that the developers have started licensing their toolkit.

Image editing in the mobile phone genre is largely powered by Aviary, and the most famous example of this is the recently launched Twitpic app. Not just comfortable being in the background, Aviary has launched its official iOS app in the app store. Let’s go check out how functional it is. (more…)

I graduated from college just over a year ago, and I’m finally living in a place where I plan to stay for more than just a nine-month lease. Better yet, I’m allowed to paint and replace things within the apartment. Needless to say, I’m excited to be trying new decorations and renovations after several years of boring, apartment-white walls. I constantly have a project I’m working on, whether it’s finding new furniture or painting a room.

Luckily, I’ve found a number of quality applications to help out along the way as I work to improve my home. I have a few folders on my iPad dedicated to apps related to home improvement in some way. I’ve got apps to help find inspiration, choose paint colors, furnish my apartment and even DIY dedicated applications. There are a huge variety of home improvement apps out there — stick with me after the jump to read up on some of my favorite apps.


Have you ever thought to yourself, “I’ve got enough photography apps I don’t think I’ll ever get another one.” Nah, me either. The thing is with all that’s out there for the iPad — iPhoto, Snapseed, Filterstorm and many others — they exist because we love taking pictures and we love to edit, filter and rearrange them in as many ways as possible.

After all, our pictures represent our memories frozen in time. With the introduction of apps like these we can add an artistic touch to those memories without having to spend hours learning high-end software like Photoshop. So, if you’re one of those people who can never get enough photography apps then this look at the latest app climbing the charts is for you.

Read on to see what Layout has to offer and how it compares.


Dribble is a truly special website. It doesn’t really do anything, it just shows out-of-context designs uploaded by the designers themselves, snippets of logos and interfaces.

Despite this, it is one of the most captivating sites out there due to the sheer beauty of the content. While it may not be of much material use, Dribbble is a great source of inspiration – impacting our lives and work indirectly.

Courtside is a free iPad app which connects to Dribbble and shows you the latest/best content from the site – iPad style. But, is it any good?


Amongst the plethora of painting and drawing apps found in the App Store, it’can be hard to find one that stands out. Apps tend to have a very similar feature set, and the same final product can really be achieved in any of the apps.

I’ve tried a shockingly large number of these apps myself, but always found myself staying away from using my iPad as a canvas. One day, I saw a new app called Art Rage. This port of a desktop app not only boasts most of the features found in other painting and drawing apps, but it also claimed to understand the wetness, thickness, and metallic qualities of various paints, as well as how the different tools would effect them. I was instantly intrigued, and knew that Art Rage was an app I definitely had to try.


While I’m extremely grateful that Apple has slowly but surely been improving their album features in the photo app, I’m definitely not yet satisfied.

As a scenic and production designer, the first part of my job inevitably consists of a lot of visual research. When I first got my iPad, I knew that I had a great new way to present this research, but the photos app just never seemed like a good, professional way in which to showcase pictures.

I embarked on a several month long journey to find a stellar album app, and Collections for iPad was definitely the best that I found. This feature-rich app allows a user to create a fully customizable album for any purpose, and creates a great final product.

Read on to find out whether this could be the solution you’ve been searching for!


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