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There are an abundance of music apps for your iPad. You’ve got radio stations, music services, music tagging apps and let us not forget how your iPad can work as a fully functional iPod, too. The question is no longer, “How can I get my music on my iPad?” But is now, “What is the perfect music for this moment in time?” Songza has devoted its existence to the answer of this very question.

Songza is a music discovery service designed to play the perfect tune for whatever mood or activity you are doing. Think about Pandora and how it designs its stations based off of other artists and songs. Songza does the same thing, but bases its music off of activities such as “Relaxing at Home” or “Cooking.” Let’s find out more after the jump. (more…)

Videos add spice to our Internetverse. They bring the otherwise tech averse crowd into the amazing world that is Internet. From cute puppies to comprehensive tutorials, there is something that suits every person’s taste. Every single minute, tens of thousands of videos are uploaded to popular video sharing sites.

Videos aren’t as monetizable as written content, but that fact isn’t stopping anyone from uploading them either. This sheer volume of videos added everyday makes it impossible for us to discover stuff to watch from a single video sharing site, let alone checking out a few in one go. What we need is an app to filter the noise and find the content worth watching. Could Plizy be the one?


I enjoy music a lot and I’m on a constant quest to discovery new music. Lucky for me there are a ton of resources and applications today that allow for a music nerd like myself to explore to almost endlessly. One of the places I always turn to is NPR.

National Public Radio produces a lot of amazing content. They seem to pay extra special attention to music with some solid regular programs such as All Songs Considered and World Cafe. There are others as well and when all combined they produce a substantial amount of high quality music related content. I say "content" because this ranges from live audio or video concerts, full radio programs, interviews, album previews and even things as basic as articles. Wouldn’t it be great to herd all of this stuff into one place? Thankfully NPR agrees and has created a specific iPad application aptly named NPR Music.


Ever find yourself in need of some great artistic inspiration – find Google images really isn’t cutting it for you? Need a great image for that project you’re working on? Sites abound online for discovering photography. The iPad, however, remains one of my favorite photo discovery devices. Stay tuned for some great applications for finding that perfect photo!