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Too often it seems like games based on movies are mediocre adaptations of a film’s plot. But, to their credit, they usually fare much better than the reverse, when movies are sourced from video games. Either way, Wreck-It Ralph sort of blurs the lines and begs the question: Which came first — the game or the movie?

The ambiguity only enhances what players get in this three-game package (soon to be four, so stay tuned). Wreck-It Ralph serves as an extension of its film, but in theory, these games come before the plot presented in the hit Disney film.

Do the individual adventures make for a cohesive and entertaining addition to the franchise? Find out after the jump. (more…)

Welcome to our new weekly feature, iPad Game Thursday! In the spirit of the excellent iPhone Game Friday series done by Marius Masalar, we’re taking it to the iPad for some of the coolest games to hit iTunes within the last few weeks. In this roundup you’ll find a drag racing game, the latest in squid-tertainment, a new puzzler from Disney, a Frisbee follow-up and the official game of the summer blockbuster The Amazing Spider-Man.

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