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Symmetry and order. Everything in its right place.

When it comes to organisation, I’m a real stickler for having everything just so. This feeling being inexplicably amplified when it comes to the arrangement of apps on my iPhone and iPad…

Earlier today I became intrigued by the freedom that Apple gives you with the dock on the iPad, allowing you to have six items in it if you so wish – a freedom of layout that’s not extended to the rest of the OS. I then decided to test the extent of this, but it seems that six is the maximum.

What I then learned was that you can actually remove every single app from the dock, although the result is more than a little odd. This led me to today’s question, how many apps do you have in your dock?

I’ll admit that my passion for order means that anything other than five apps in the dock just looks wrong to my eyes, but I’m willing to be shown that this isn’t the case for everyone…

In the twelve months that the iPad has been available, Apple has not seen it fit to supply an alarm clock for the iPad. Nevertheless, many users (myself included) use their device as an alarm clock – it’s especially enjoyable to utilise that nice big speaker that the iPad has!

There’s many a clock App available for your devices, one of them being the recently-updated iHome+Sleep app from the self proclaimed ‘experts on alarm clocks’. This particular App provides a customizable alarm manager and clock, while also including the ability to wake to your iPod library. Let’s dive in…