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Document organisation is becoming ever more popular with those wanting to move to a paperless workflow. Whilst apps such as Evernote allows us to keep everything in one place, it’s multipurpose functionality can make it a little bit overwhelming when wanting to organise specific documents.

Doo attempts to be your central location for all your documents, regardless of what popular syncing service they may be stored in, whilst using some iOS-specific features that add to the experience. Unfortunately, the experience is one lacking many things. I test drive Doo for iPad to see what it does, though perhaps more accurately, doesn’t do.


Some people want better file management on the iPad, which means that they’ll probably need Documents. The app comes as a total revamp of ReaddleDocs and is even more capable than the old version. Readdle claims that its 4.0 update makes it the must-have app for iPad and its actual rhetoric claims that Documents makes your iPad worth its high price are especially bold— especially for an app that’s completely free.

Documents aims to do a ton of things in an elegant way. According to the app’s description, it claims to be a “document viewer, PDF reader, download manager, music player and read it later” replacement, along with a whole host of other things. I’m always wary of apps that do this much, as there’s always the potential to be a jack of all trades and master of none, or worse: completely impossible and inelegant to use. The simple question is, though, can Documents be as powerful as its developer claims while still remaining easy to use? Let’s find out.


Reading documents on the iPad is a pleasure: the intuitivity and portability of it make it a classy and entertaining task. But sometimes it can get messy when you don’t have support for certain file formats, or when you’re not sure where your documents are being stored.

Today we are going to review an app called ReaddleDocs that could very well be your default go-to application to store and organize all of your files; whether they are PDF books, photos, videos or any other type of office application document. Let’s take a look!