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When it comes to Markdown editors, iPad users are pretty much spoilt for choice. From Byword to iA Writer, there’s something for almost everyone and each app boasts a myriad of features that makes choosing one a pretty lacklustre affair. I personally use Drafts when I’m working on my iPad, as I can use it for both scribbling down a quick note and typing a longer document and I’ve been a four-month relationship with Ulysses III on my Mac, which is simply awesome — I do pretty much all my writing on there.

So, you’d probably guess that when a new Markdown editor comes along, I don’t get that excited, right? Yes, that’s right, but there was a certain amount of mystery surrounding the release of Editorial. Federico Viticci has had his hands on the beta for quite some time now, and the developer Ole Zorn released a few pretty awesome-looking screenshots as well, which really started the wheel turning. Now, the final version is out — and it’s mighty impressive. Editorial has now become the Markdown editor on the iPad — and here’s why.


Some exciting changes are afoot at AppStorm!

I am sadly stepping down as editor of iPad.AppStorm, but I’m excited to announce Kevin Whipps (of illustrious iPhone.AppStorm fame) as the new editor of iPad.AppStorm!

Many of you will know Kevin from his previous writing and in his role as editor of iPhone.AppStorm, but be sure to give him a warm welcome to the site! Kevin’s a huge iPad fan and has done fantastic things as editor of iPhone.AppStorm, you can follow him on Twitter.

It’s privilege to work for such a fantastic readership and Kevin’s someone who’s passionate about growing iPad.AppStorm and making it simply the best place to come for everything iPad App related!

Look out for the iPad.AppStorm Twitter account livening up!

If you’ve dabbled in web development before, you know it’s a pretty involved activity; using the browser, a development application, an image editor, references, and more. It’s hard to imagine how this could be transferred on to an iPad, where you work in single window apps exclusively.

If you’re expecting the experience of Coda you should turn back now, but if you want the ability to fix a critical error or add something for a client on the go, Gusto might be the perfect app for you!