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Not long after the release of the first iPad, I remember reading about a local school district that had big plans for it. They intended to get every student in grades 3-12 their own iPad, and to have carts of them accessible for Kindergarten through 2nd grade. At the time, I didn’t own an iPad, so I was a bit shocked by the scope of their plan. However, I bought an iPad 2 soon after its release, and it only took me about a week to understand why many schools didn’t waste any time implementing these amazing devices into their educational plans.

For a lot of reasons the iPad is the perfect computer for young kids today. It is super intuitive, easy to handle, and fun to play with. When I was in grade school (this is going to date me), the only “computer” I wanted to play with was Atari. There are plenty of games on the iPad reminiscent of Atari that are solely for entertainment purposes, but there are also a myriad of apps out there that can really engage kids and help them learn. The really good ones, like Math Monsters, help to make learning fun. Math Monsters literally gets creative with numbers, and in the end it’s a fantastic game that helps kids hone their math skills. If you’ve got kids anywhere from Pre-K to 4th grade who want to have fun learning math, read on…


It’s amazing what people are willing to give away for free. Some of the most talented writers in our industry are devoting their time for little more than recognition or the plain joy of flexing their muscles. Where some workers require monetary reward for everything that they do, others are more than willing to devote their time for free. This is why well-known bloggers will give away their writing for free and then charge large sums for an hour’s worth of talking.

When you cross this free-sometimes-crazy-expensive-the-rest-of-the-time approach with education you end up with iTunes U, the free service and app that puts you into some of the world’s greatest classrooms that would cost tens (or hundreds) of thousands of dollars to normally attend.


Apple’s recent moves towards making the iPad an even better educational tool have highlighted again the incredible scope there is for developers in the education category of the App Store. The introduction of iBooks 2 and iBooks Author has shown just how committed Apple is to getting iPads into schools, the market for education apps is only going to grow!

There is already a veritable ocean of excellent educational apps for the iPad, apps that make learning engaging, enjoyable, and exciting! Learning is something that should never be disregarded, many of these apps are perfectly suited for those who are now learning purely for enjoyment.

Get ready to be fascinated!


The Apple Education event has come and gone, leaving us all with something to think about; is this the turning point, will our children’s education look vastly different to ours?

In Apple’s vision, the iPad is central and unshakable as the defining force in the future of education – it’s confident posturing that may have a dramatic effect on the way learning looks in only a couple of years. There’s a lot to be impressed by, and excited about, from yesterday’s announcement, but there are also some interesting caveats…

Read on to venture into what the future of education, and e-publishing, may look like with Apple at the helm!


Autumn is beginning to set in and for anyone who’s still pursuing education in any form, now is the time that it begins to drag. In an effort to help all those at high school, and show the rest of us just how intriguing the iPad can be, I have compiled a list of excellent educational apps that will go a long way to enlivening your learning!

If you know anyone who is struggling to get engaged with their school work, or just needs a little boost, make sure they have an iPad (maybe buy them one) and then send them here…

Let’s dive into the depths of human knowledge and understanding!


As the uses for the iPad keep piling up and the apps keep coming, it seems like the iPad is finding its role in certain workplaces and workflows. Recently, iPad.AppStorm looked at how the iPad can be integrated into a student’s life as possibly their only computer. But what about educators? How can teachers maximize the iPad by bringing it into their classrooms as a tool?

Today, I want to take a look at ShowMe, an interactive whiteboard app that, in my mind, has the ability to replace smart boards in the classroom. Keep reading to see how this app can work for educators, and how it offers more than just an in-app experience.


There has already been considerable debate over the value of embracing emerging technology in education, particularly the use of iPads in schools, but is this debate simply over method or is there something more drastic taking place?

If the use of iPads can significantly improve the engagement of students, and increase their ability to explore subjects and develop in their learning, then are we doing them a disservice by being slow on the uptake?

Is the iPad a frivolous toy that would be misused and a drain on limited school budgets, or is it a bridge between the classroom and the world? One school in Northern Ireland has began a brave move to put an iPad into the hands of every student, is this the start of something…


Whenever a new technology comes along, be it completely original, or an improvement of an existing invention – it’s never too long before people find ingenious new ways to use it. Such is the case with the Smart Cover.

The best ones make the new technology look even better, and can sometimes change its focus in the long run. While this isn’t directly the case for Evernote Peek, it must be said that it’s a brilliant concept – simply peek under the cover to prepare for a quiz, practice a language or strengthen your memory.

Lets take a look at the newest creation from the ever-productive people at Evernote and see whether it’s a nice gimmick or a truly useful addition to your iPad.


The newly refreshed Macbook Air is the best laptop Apple has ever devised for students. Even the lowest end model, with its paltry (by current standards) 2GB of RAM, would be fine for most students I know. Add the Air’s ridiculously fast SSD into the mix, and you’ve got a seriously slick machine.

But wait, what other Apple product is impossibly thin, has flash-based storage, and is super fast? The iPad, of course.

In many ways, the iPad seems unstoppable: its stable of professional, beautifully designed apps grows by the day, its iOS operating system gets more efficient and productive with every update, and its hardware is way ahead of competitors.

At half the price of the MacBook Air, the iPad suddenly seems like a more than capable option for a cash-strapped student. But could it really serve as a student’s only computer?


Student life can be daunting; assessments, deadlines, classes, exams and maybe even a social life. It doesn’t have to be this difficult though. The iPad is naturally a great productivity tool and, loaded with the right apps, it can be your best weapon for surviving education.

Most of these apps cost less than a pint of your favourite beer and will increase your productivity leaps and bounds, saving you countless hours of otherwise wasted time. Start reading now and learn how to ensure you never miss a deadline again!


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