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Have you ever seen those photos where there is one color highlighted in the scene and the rest of the image is grayscale? That’s a very basic photo editing technique known as “color splashing.” Don’t they look great? How would you like to take any photo you have and achieve the same effect in minutes, right there on your iPad?

ColorStrokes HD not only makes this process possible, but enjoyable, easy and downright great fun. You may enhance the odd photo here and there, or you may go a little bit Color-Crazy and churn out photo after photo as I did in my testing, simply because it is genuinely good fun. Either way, this little gem is sure to add a little more color to your life. (more…)

FL Studio’s move to iOS was unexpected, but their mobile music production suite has really got a lot to offer for when you’re away from your beloved desktop and you have an idea that you just have to get down. FL Studio Mobile HD allows you not just to input ideas, but develop them into fully-fledged songs with a suprising level of complexity.

I’m what you could call an FL Studio power user, so I felt right at home using it’s younger brother to compose ideas that I could immediately touch up on the desktop version. Even if you don’t use Fl Studio as your main DAW, or if you’re new to the music production scene altogether, Image-Line’s nifty app has a relatively steep learning curve, meaning you’ll have to sit with it for a little while before you familiarise yourself with the interface. This tutorial will guide you through the steps of producing an idea or even a full song right there on your iPad.