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As much as I love my iPad, there are a few things about it that feel like a blast from the past. I’ve harked on about the iOS interface before, but right now I’m talking about the inability to set a default application for a certain task. We’ve been looking at alternative browsers lately, and there are plenty of other applications that I’m sure everyone wished they could set as a default to avoid Apple’s offering.

Will Apple ever loosen up? Here’s how they should, and whether they will.


I’ve spoken before about how the iPad can be used to increase productivity, and today I want to go a step beyond that and outline two different ways that the iPad can become essential to anyone’s workflow.

One way is fairly common, and the other might be something that you haven’t heard of before. Hopefully you’ll learn something either way and will find the iPad becoming less (or more) of a toy. Let’s get cracking.


Gmail is the third largest email provider in the world. Taking into account how young the service actually is, that’s quite an achievement. In fact if you only consider the number of new registrations across the board after the launch of Gmail, the numbers would be totally different. No one can deny that Gmail is the best among the lot.

Besides being great, Google tweaks the app to perfection as and when possible. But all that’s on the web. When it comes to the iOS ecosystem, that’s a totally different story. The native Gmail client launched years after, only to be pulled down mere hours later, thanks to a bunch of bugs. It has since relaunched, but how good is the new version? Come, let’s find out.


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