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When you have millions of apps in the App Store, it takes a lot of market research and shrewdness from the developer’s part to find a successful niche. Figuring out professionals from a domain who are ready to ditch their diaries, legal pads and spiral bound notebooks for a sleek iPad is a great place to start.

Event planners have a lot of things to remember. Dates, invitations, seating arrangements, vendor contacts – there are a ton of details to stay on top of. Apps like Event Planner try to replace their event playing diary with an intuitive solution that’s far more practical than ink on paper. Time to plan an event and test the chops of Event Planner!

It’s Productivity Month on iPad.AppStorm! Throughout July, we plan to share with you all our tips, tricks, apps and resources to help you both improve your iPad experience and work better and more productively!

Are you in need of a little extra help to get you organised? Perhaps you have multiple lists of things to do but no sensible place to store them? If you’ve struggled with multiple different iPad apps to manage your calendar and to-do list, then Awecal may just be for you.

With an integrated calendar and task list, not only can you keep track of when a task needs completing but you can see at a glance any task steps still remaining. Featuring multiple calendar views, and the ability to track remaining free time, this innovative calendar app is worth a look. Check out more after the jump.


The 12th is a big day in the Apple world. We all assume that the next iPhone will be announced (the invite is pretty clear on that one), but what about this iPad mini/Air that’s been going around for so long? Will Wednesday be the day we see it for the first time, or will its announcement be postponed (or never happen)? Tell us your thoughts in the poll to the right.

For a long time, Calvetica has been the most praised calendar app available for the iPhone. Fast, yet feature rich, beautiful, yet minimalist. It’s no wonder Calvetica was recommended by so many. Its only downfall? Followers of Mysterious Trousers’ amazing calendar app were left longing for a native iPad version to grace their 9.7 inch display.

Well, the wait is over. Mysterious Trousers have released version 4.0 of Calvetica and not only does this new version make the app universal, it boasts a complete overhaul of the entire design, doing the impossible and making Calvetica even more beautiful! Calvetica is finally the only calendar app that you need!