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With the New Year coming, workout regiments will see a massive increase in popularity as people around the world promise themselves that they will get in shape.

An app can’t do that hard work for you, but it can try to make the process as simple as possible. 7 Minute Workout aims to do just this. (more…)

I need to get up and get moving, but when I’m surrounded with so much technology, that can be hard. Everything I want is at my fingertips. Luckily, now even the exercise motivation I need is on my iPad.

FitStar is a slick app that tests your fitness and helps slot you into a fitness plan that’s right for your needs and fitness level. Can FitStar outpace all the discarded exercise DVDs at the back of my closet, or will it lose its place on my home screen? (more…)

As I’ve moved into the second half of my 20’s and noticed my metabolism slowing down I’ve begun to pay more attention to my health. MyFitnessPal HD is a free app touted as one of the best for keeping track of your daily calorie intake and exercise regimen.

There are many apps available for getting fit and staying in shape, so can this one live up to their ambitious claim that “there is no better diet app”? Will it replace your need for a personal trainer? Read on to find out all that this app has to offer and to determine if it’s worth implementing into your daily routine.