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I’ve been using iPads for quite some time now, or at least, it feels like I have. When I got an iPad, people still thought you couldn’t get any work done on them, and I remember being consistently flustered about that. I mean, I was able to get work done–why couldn’t anybody else?


We all want to get the very best out of our devices! Who doesn’t love finding out a new trick or shortcut?

Over the last month every AppStorm site has published an extensive roundup of features and shortcuts aimed at helping you get the most out of your devices! Each post comprises more than 40 entries, I’m pretty confident you’ll find something you didn’t already know about…

What are you waiting for?

We all want to get the very best out of our devices! Who doesn’t love finding out a new trick or shortcut?

This roundup aims to enlighten those new to the iPad, and guide old hands to a few new tricks – the heading might be laced with hyperbole, but you’re going to have a look anyway…

For those of you who are super-confident about your iPad knowledge, I’d like to propose a challenge. Go through and see how many features and shortcuts you didn’t know about, leave a comment with the number at the bottom of the post – and be honest!


The sheer volume of new features announced for iOS 5 cements it as one of the biggest software upgrades ever released. iOS 5 has 200 new features, only 10 of which did Apple go into depth with on Monday. We have lots more to be excited about.

I’m fascinated to know which of the major new features you’re most excited about for the iPad? Zach shared his thoughts on Thursday and came to the conclusion that he is most looking forward to the potential of Newsstand, but what about you?

Are you on the edge of your seat for multitouch gestures? You just can’t wait to wow your friends with five-finger swipes!

What about iMessage? Surely that takes the iPad to a whole new level, keeping you in constant communication with all of your friends and contacts (the good ones anyway).

I’m genuinely excited about the ability to wirelessly sync my iPad and iPhone with my Mac, that’s one less cable I need lying around!

Simply check through the list and pick the feature that you think will transform the experience of using your iPad the most! If you find that your favourite feature update isn’t on the list then be sure to leave a comment and explain why you feel it will make a huge difference.

We’ll have to take this poll again once we’ve all had a chance to get our hands on iOS 5!