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Every movie lover needs a companion, and the iPad is the perfect device for the job. With the apps here you will be able to see the latest trailers, watch full movies and track films that you want to see all from your iPad.
Whenever I sit down to watch a movie, I make sure that I have my iPad at hand. Whether I’m researching actors, looking up trivia or reading reviews to find out if a movie is worth my time, the iPad has revolutionised how I watch movies — and it can for you too by using the apps in this roundup!


For a while now we’ve been able to watch movies and TV shows on the go with smartphones, but the experience can be less than enjoyable. When the iPad was released it seemed like the perfect combination of size and portability for easily watching media while traveling.

The Crackle app brings feature films and television offerings to the iPad for free, but how does it stack up against other free and paid apps in this category?