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With the added horsepower of the iPad 2, developers have been able to offer more powerful applications that can meet the needs of professionals. In the crowded image editing field, Filterstorm Pro stands apart as one of the most impressive and fully-featured mobile editing solutions for the discerning photographer.

With its ability to edit high resolution JPEG and RAW images, batch process large numbers of files, and connect to an FTP server for final delivery, we examine whether or not Filterstorm Pro may be able to replace a laptop-based workflow in a demanding professional photography environment.


Viewing photographs on the iPad is a surprisingly immersive experience, the simple ability to zoom and move between them using finger gestures somehow brings them to life in a new way. That’s not to say the iPad is necessarily the premiere way to engage with true photography, just that the experience brings something dramatically different.

The same could be said about the power of editing photos on the iPad. At first thought it may seem clumsy or awkward to try and adjust details such as contrast and hue using only your fingers for guidance, but in reality it works rather well. In addition to this the gorgeous screen of the iPad is the perfect theatre in which to edit and manipulate photos you’ve taken, or even new ones taken using the iPad 2’s cameras.

In this spirit I’ve complied a short roundup of photography apps to whet your appetite with, including a couple of classics and, hopefully, a couple you won’t have seen before.