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A couple weeks ago, we began a journey to talk about iPad apps that professionals can use. We promised to take a look at lots of different job markets and maybe strike upon some apps you might have overlooked in your own field.

Today, we’re taking a look at the iPad and professional filmmakers — everybody from directors to actors — to see how they could benefit from carrying an iPad around. Read on to find out what made the industry jump at the tablet when it was released and what makes the iPad important for them years later.


Last month, I reviewed Final Draft Writer for iPad. I thought it was a great application that was creating a new standard for Hollywood screenwriters on the go — it lets them write screenplays on the go in an app almost exactly like what they already used on their computers, while still getting an experience optimized for the unique interface of the iPad. If you want to write screenplays, that’s the app for you.

Final Draft Reader (FDR) is different. Before Final Draft Writer was released, FDR was a pricey app that only let you do two things: read screenplays written in the Final Draft file format and add notes to them. Now, it’s a universal app for both the iPad and iPhone (and it’s optimized for the iPhone 5, too), the bugs have been ironed out and the price has been dropped down to a cool five-finger discount. And if all you need is a competent script reader on the go, the value here is tremendous. (more…)