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Reports of kids racking up huge bills through in-app purchases (IAP) is certainly en vogue in the mainstream media at the moment. The tech media, too. When the story ingredients include young children, the (on occasion) largest company on the planet and mammoth credit card bills for normal, hardworking parents then you’re guaranteed eyes on the page. The conclusion being that Apple is, after all, evil.

You must have played free games such as Temple Run on your iPad. One might refer to the age-old adage, “All good things come with a prize” and wonder how an awesome game like Temple Run can be free.

What if I was to tell you that these free games are likely to earn as much as paid apps, which in this case is five times more than Temple Run’s initial paid version? Enthralling, ain’t it? With the same amount of stunned disbelief, there I sat on a lazy Sunday afternoon, to find out what makes them so appealing. Join me after the jump to find out. (more…)