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This week’s games have us championing our castle; shooting up enemy spaceships; leading nimble little heroes to glory; competing in jousting tournaments; and reuniting a boy with his best friend, a precious dog named Bear.

Click “more” to take a look. And, as the knights might say: Let the games begin! (more…)

I’m particularly excited about this week’s collection of new releases. It seems there are so many excellent games that have just hit the market or released big updates, so it was incredibly difficult to choose just five, but I hope you’ll agree we have some good ones here.

Meet a mischievous vampire named — what else — Le Vamp; a tiny helicopter with big personality; a hive of baby aliens; a crystal sphere traveling against the backdrop of a NightSky; and a Pangolin.

What’s a Pangolin, you ask? Click “more” to find out!


It’s time to suit up, people! There’s work to be done — rivals to crush, moles to help escape, zombie-fearing citizens to infect, cute and cuddly space monsters to transport from galaxy to galaxy, and a melodic Tuniverse to explore.

Good thing you have the whole weekend to take it all on, right? Click “more” to kick things off. (more…)

Achoo! Looks like someone’s coming down with a serious case of the swine flu. Well, at least a case of allergies. The rest of your community may stay away from you, but little do they know that you’re the one who will save them from the wrath of monsters that are out to get them.

While the plot line of Gesundheit! HD is somewhat disgusting, the game has received tons of praise. But what is so telling about a game where an allergy-ridden pig is the protagonist?  Find out what makes Gesundheit! HD award-winning after the break.


Question: What do building-block fortresses, the great and powerful Oz, Greek gods, mini ninjas and rolling boulders have in common? The answer: Nothing! Except that they’re all in this week’s roundup of iPad games.

Until someone creates a game that involves all five of those things, you can take them on one at a time with the following. Click “more” to get started.


Designing a successful adventure puzzler must be akin to perfecting an art form. If the game’s too difficult, then it becomes frustrating and the player immediately sets it aside. If the game’s too easy then the player whizzes through it and never gives it another thought. So, how do developers get it just right?

I’m not sure what magic formula the team at Colibri Games is using, but they are blazing a trail for others to follow. The Tiny Bang Story HD is a perfectly challenging adventure game featuring beautiful hand-drawn illustrations, five different chapters, dozens of mini brain teasers and an immersive storyline about a Tiny Planet that fell apart after being hit by a meteor. As you solve each puzzle, you’ll help rebuild the planet. Just remember: it won’t be easy.

Click “more” to take an in-depth look.


There’s been a lot of press about the freemium business model recently, whereby the basic game is free but users have to pay for in-app purchases that give them extra game currency or allow them to complete levels quicker, and it seems that most game developers are progressing toward this model — EA being a notable example. The Verge recently made an interesting point about Real Racing 3, in that although it’s an enjoyable game it has been completely “ruined” by in-app purchases, as they are needed for everything and progress through the game is extremely slow.

Well, now it’s over to you. What exactly do you think of the freemium business model? Does it make gameplay more enjoyable (in that you can speed certain aspects up through purchases) or does it just rack up your iTunes bill massively? Let us know in this week’s poll on the right!

And stay tuned for iPad.AppStorm’s debate, which is coming up later this month, where we’ll look both sides of freemium games — both the good and bad (and perhaps, the ugly).

Here we blend what’s real with what’s perhaps not so real. While the goal of Real Racing 3 is to make you feel like an actual race car driver who’s speeding around the Hockenheimring, Deepworld creates a completely made-up — but utterly fantastic — universe filled with scattered pieces of technology that you must put back together.

Also, Zen Pinball brings the wildest tables of your dreams straight to your device, and The Silent Age asks what would happen if the terrible events imagined occurred following the Cold War era. Finally, Plague Inc. makes it your goal to create a global pandemic by developing and turning loose a deadly and highly adaptive pathogen.

Admittedly, a few of these seem more likely to come true than others, wouldn’t you say? Click through to start playing. (more…)

Not any day will do. People, food, and the merriment of the festival days where it can occur are to be avoided at all cost. You are not allowed the comfort of a fire. But if, at midnight, you should venture out into the wilderness and follow the ancient rite of the Year Walk, glimpses of the future may be revealed to you…but at what cost?

Take a walk with me as I delve into Simogo’s newest — and most distinctive — iPad experience, and unravel some of the dark secrets you can look forward to in this superbly atmospheric game.


This week brings yet more variety, with the highly charming and very commercial-looking Cyto; the completely unique Krashlanders; and a heavy dose of military action thrown in for good measure, via Battle Nations, Bro Guns 2 and Mad Merx: Nemesis.

In other words, it’s time to fling, shoot, jump, ski, dodge, blast and “krash” your way into the weekend. Click “more” to begin!


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