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I’ve been a fan of the Theme Park franchise for as long as I can remember, and spent many a day in my youth sat in front of a computer screen designing the ultimate amusement park. Happily, I’m getting a chance to re-live those halcyon years (albeit on a smaller screen) as Theme Park is back once again, but this time in freemium form on iOS.

For the uninitiated, Theme Park is a construction and management simulation game in which you create and run your very own theme park. Purchase rides, replenish stock and manage a team of staff, all while trying to keep your customers happy and make as much money as possible. Find out more after the jump. (more…)

This week’s collective of games range from the entertaining all the way to the extreme. If you’re in the mood for some lighter action, check out Cordy 2 and Supermagical, both of which feature charming characters and quirky plots and missions.

Blade Lords and Borderlands Legends HD are for more serious gamers and involve demons, ninjas, snipers and more. And the arcade-type game Rock Runners is a fun and challenging in between. Click “more” to see what looks good to you! (more…)

Alright, alright. I know what you’re thinking: Is this yet another review for yet another run-of-the-line trivia app? Well, Braindex isn’t your ordinary trivia app. In fact, it isn’t anything like the rest of the trivia games on the market today.

With Braindex, not only do you get to watch a game show, but you get to participate in one, too. Shot from the back of a truck (or sometimes another random studio), Braindex brings you the first “App Show,” complete with some of your favorite celebrities. Read on to find out more about the iPad’s first interactive game show! (more…)

This week’s group includes a game about words, a game about monsters and even a game called Word Monster. How’s that for synchronicity? Challenge your verbose friends (or frenemies) to a round of Word Crack, which will have you both trying to uncover as many words as possible in two minutes. Then, serve up some stellar maki rolls to your adorable monster in Sushi Mushi. And finally, take on the monster of all word puzzles in Word Monster.

Of course, this week we also celebrate the reincarnation of the movie tie-in app The Hunger Games Adventures, which has been infused with tons of new updates and content related to The Hunger Games: Catching Fire — the second installment of the book-turned-film trilogy that’s to be released later this year.

Click “more” to begin the adventure. (more…)

As iOS devices grow more and more popular as a gaming platform, we have started to see developers crafting their old console games into new, touchscreen friendly softwares. Joe Danger is no exception.

Joe Danger, the “World’s Most Determined Stuntman,” is back and better than ever. After three years of gracing your favorite video game consoles, it is time for you to help Joe Danger ascend to fame by helping him dodge perilous obstacles and perform jaw-dropping tricks right on your iPad. Does Joe Danger prove to be victorious, or does he crash on the way? Read on to find out more. (more…)

This week we feature games with some hardcore battles on the track, as well as in the skies — Table Top Racing and Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy, respectively — plus a few “lighter” games, like Pixel People and Little Inferno.

There’s also the hilariously named, but no less intense, Tennis in the Face, in which you assume the identity of former tennis pro Pete Pagassi, who must save the city with his fierce backhand and smashing serve.

Click “more” to check out these games, or leave a comment and let us know which games you’re loving at the moment! (more…)

When I’m not busy writing for AppStorm, I work at an animal rescue in the next town over, re-homing unwanted dogs and cats. It’s a difficult but rewarding job, and I was curious to see just how well an app such as PetWorld 3D: My Animal Rescue compared to the reality of dealing with homeless animals.

Let’s roll up our sleeves and get stuck in … (more…)

How would you rather spend your weekend — saving New York City with the Ghostbusters; outrunning a banana avalanche with Banana Kong; tending a flock of Tiny Sheep; discovering whether you or a certain celebrity has a  higher Braindex; or going on a Wave Trip in a world in which every object had musical properties?

Well who says you have to decide on just one, right? Click through to learn more and see what you want to try first! (more…)

Flow Free is a puzzle game that involves connecting colored dots on a grid. The concept is as simple as can be, and yet as the levels progress, this becomes more of a challenge than you might think.

If you like puzzles that require some meditation and strategy, and if you’re the kind of player who just has to dominate a level — no matter how many times you have to replay it — before moving on to the next, then Flow Free is right up your alley. Click “more” to take a look. (more…)

Hope you stretched. You’ve got your work cut out for you this week, since you’re bound to be busy helping a little flying squirrel defeat some evil owl enemies; aiding a HoverBot return to another dimension; exploring (or re-exploring) all there is to know about Riven; commanding your own military faction; and giving a character named Marsh Mal a hand in popping some blobs.

While this week’s games could not be more different, they all have one thing in common: a high fun factor in my book. Click “more” to check them out for yourself and let me know what you think. (more…)

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