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With great games available for iOS and the iPad, you’d be right to automatically assume that the iPad is a quality gaming platform. On that note, gaming and iOS is the theme of this opinion piece, more specifically I’ll be discussing whether the iPad can truly be a great gaming platform or whether it’s just a toy in the realm of consoles and desktop gaming. Read on for more.


Here at AppStorm, we love games! Why not relax for a minute and find a fantastic new game to enjoy – hopefully these roundups will help you out.







When I bought my first iPad, I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do with it. Over time, I learned that it was great for pretty much everything — games, writing, watching movies — but for the most part, I read and play games on my iPad.

My wife, on the other hand, she’s all about productivity on her iPad. She’s always getting things done and working on some new to-do list — she even uses it for her grocery lists.

What about you? What do you use your iPad for the most? Let us know in the poll to the right!

It’s Game Week here at iPad.AppStorm, and all this week we’re going to have tons of reviews, giveaways and other good stuff, all centered around the gaming world!

The iPad has been dubbed as one of the most revolutionary devices in the modern technological industry. It went from doing simple, productive tasks such as checking email and browsing the web, to creating movie trailers and full-length songs. Many corporations have adopted this platform into their daily work routine and even expanded what people can do on the go, freeing people from the chains of their desktops.

Like on any mobile computing platform, people have created games to test the limits of the device. But is the iPad powerful enough to take on the mobile gaming industry? Is there a market for tablet gaming? Can the iPad compete with the dedicated gaming console giants we all know and love today? Lets take a look. (more…)

Back in December of last year, Microsoft surprisingly released My Xbox LIVE, a companion app to its own Xbox 360 gaming console. The device mainly supported the console’s subscription service, Xbox LIVE, allowing you to view and manage things like your avatar and friends list.

In a recent update, the app received some pretty significant updates, introducing features to allow an Xbox to connect to an instance of My Xbox LIVE running on your iPad and consequently be able to control it. In this review, we’ll take a look at the app once more, especially the latest, console-controlling update. (more…)

Games are often the very first thing that people download when they fire up their iPad for the first time. Though that may surprise you, it makes complete and total sense to me; however great this new device is for browsing the web and reading, to begin with you just want to play with it!

It’s clear that Apple understands the allure and power of games; they even took to demoing them on stage at the announcement of the new iPad. I’ll admit that I couldn’t wait to try out the dogfighting game they showed, and thoroughly enjoyed my first flight, in spite of the chaos that surrounded me; the peace of the luscious landscapes broken by the roar of thrusters as I pirouetted gracefully into the side of a mountain.

This is a roundup of some of best gaming content on iPad.AppStorm, from casual arcade games that pass the time to games that really make you think, from huge franchise blockbusters to beautiful independant titles, get ready to play with your iPad again!


The iPad is my favorite gaming platform. I enjoy gaming with the large, multi-touch screen, and the variety of games makes things even better. With one device I can play ports of classic games, brand-new games, and sequels that may have never happened.

Still, trying to find what to buy for that iPad gamer can be difficult. Here are the best accessories and games to get the guy (or girl) that already has gaming bliss.


One thing is certain; It’s difficult to predict the future, even more so in the sphere of technology and gaming.

It’s fascinating to think that in my lifetime hand-held gaming has gone from slotting two dimensional blocks on a small monochrome screen, to fully rendered three dimensional racing games in gloriously bright colour. Great traditions are sinking into the abyss, we’re well past the days of blowing dust from frozen cartridges and swapping over our AAs for ten minutes more juice. Rubbing the battery of an iPad is more likely to get you sectioned than on to the next level of Angry Birds.

A recent interview with Phil Harrison, a former Sony boss, has piqued my interest in the stumbling blocks created by iOS for the console gaming giants. I’m going to look at the greatest threats the iPad can levy, and whether a changing of the tide is for the better.

This is no time for complacency, just ask the music industry.


Last week I wrote an article that looked at how good the iPad is as a gaming platform, and examined some its strengths and weaknesses in the process.

Simply taking a look at some of the beautiful titles already out there for the iPad gives us a glimpse of the future potential of the iPad as a gaming giant – but how far can it go?


Over the last year or so it’s become patently obvious that the iPad is a fantastic platform for gaming! From excellent iPad versions of iPhone games, such as Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja, to more serious console contenders, I’m thinking Infinity Blade and Real Racing, there has been an explosion of games available for the iPad.

The size of the iPad’s screen and it’s powerful processor lend it perfectly to running really quite advanced games, the iPad 2 makes a bold move even further in this direction with the serious increase in graphics power.

But, the real question is, what type of iPad gamer are you?

Just because the iPad can handle complex games doesn’t necessarily mean it’s suited to them, do you prefer to use iPad games to pass the time?

Or, are you someone who simply loves to get fully involved in your games – does the racing experience of Real Racing, and using the iPad’s gyro, take your love of games to the next level?

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts – simply post a comment below! What is your favourite iPad game?

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