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One of the merits of mobile technology is its ability to be used as a source of information, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. In the era of mobile technology we currently find ourselves in, there’s so much information to digest that it becomes rather overwhelming. Lucky for us then, that there are some very intelligent app developers that create methods in which to control the information overflow.

Between Reeder, Instapaper and Flipboard, it’s easy to find an content delivery app that’s best suited to your personality. Another option to consider is Google Currents, which was introduced in September 2011. The app has been a somewhat popular choice amongst iPad users (currently the 81st most popular free News app in the App Store), but a recent update to version 2.0 aims to bring Google Currents on par with the aforementioned apps. Hit to jump to learn if Google Currents is now in fact one of the best news consumption apps for the iPad. (more…)

Online news outlets can be happy about one thing. With the advent of tablets and smartphones, consumption of their content is set to explode soon, if it hasn’t happened already. News reader apps make the experience of reading and discovering content a breeze. Currents from Google is a new entrant in the already crowded news reader space.

I can’t see a major source of revenue anytime soon for a company the size of Google from this vertical, but here they are competing head to head with tiny startups. Is it awesome enough to dethrone Flipboard, Pulse and the like? Time to find out!