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I love reading the news on my iPad, especially because its big screen is very convenient to have a quick glance at the headlines and read them when seating comfortably. While there are a bunch of great news aggregators and RSS readers on the App Store, I wanted an app with a simple interface, great features and, most importantly, one that could sync with Google Reader — or a replacement service. Newsify was exactly what I was looking for: a clean interface, superloaded features and synchronization with Google Reader, which the developers will soon replace with Feedly.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a great way for people to stay up to date on the latest updates from their favorite websites. Google Reader has become one of the most popular RSS services available since it is free and easy to set up. Whilst Twitter might have replaced RSS for some users, I find value in knowing that there are certain websites that enable me to not miss any important updates. A quick search of the App Store leads to many app results for RSS apps that utilize Google Reader, including options such as Reeder, Mr. Reader, and Pulse but buried beneath the search results is a nice addition called Ziner.

Ziner’s tagline is “Where the simplicity of RSS returns.” Just one look at the screenshots and it can be hard to argue with that claim. Content is presented in a clean magazine format that can help remove the stress of the unread count. This raises a question which is: do consumers want simplicity with their RSS or would they prefer powerful callback features much like in Mr. Reader? One look at the new Mr. Reader update and the excellent review put together by Viticci makes a valid claim for more powerful RSS. Can simple still win in the RSS competition? Let’s dive in and take a look at Ziner to find out.


One of the merits of mobile technology is its ability to be used as a source of information, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. In the era of mobile technology we currently find ourselves in, there’s so much information to digest that it becomes rather overwhelming. Lucky for us then, that there are some very intelligent app developers that create methods in which to control the information overflow.

Between Reeder, Instapaper and Flipboard, it’s easy to find an content delivery app that’s best suited to your personality. Another option to consider is Google Currents, which was introduced in September 2011. The app has been a somewhat popular choice amongst iPad users (currently the 81st most popular free News app in the App Store), but a recent update to version 2.0 aims to bring Google Currents on par with the aforementioned apps. Hit to jump to learn if Google Currents is now in fact one of the best news consumption apps for the iPad. (more…)

The most popular RSS feed aggregator has become Google Reader. With the release of the App Store, Google Reader clients have started to become a common sight. There are a few popular ones that stick out including Reeder, NetNewsWire, and Mr. Reader.
While all of these are very good clients, they have a lot similarities. Most clients, such as Mr. Reader and NetNewsWire, take the approach of putting your feeds in a vertical scrolling list. Most also feature a feed column that allows the user to group items by feeds. But where is the innovation?

Reader X is the first (in a while) RSS client that takes a new approach to consuming RSS feeds. Instead of seeing feeds vertically they are placed in a horizontal list. Items are color coded based upon age and scrolling is fluid. Read on if a new take on RSS consumption seems interesting to you.


Since the release of the iPad the biggest complaint has been that it is just a device to consume content. The complaint that real work cannot be done on the iPad is still present today, but it’s disappearing fast due to software updates and developers getting more creative with their apps. While the mindset that an iPad can be used to create content is changing, there is no argument that the device is great to consume content.

Content can be consumed in different ways. Some people rely on Twitter to keep them updated while others may be put all of their websites they follow into an app such as Flipboard. Although, RSS is still a great way to keep up to date with news and your favorite websites. Google Reader is a free service which syncs your RSS subscriptions and there are several apps that sync with Google Reader.

Mr. Reader is one of the apps that syncs with Google Reader and has become my RSS app of choice on my iPad. The app is a full featured RSS app with abilities to add subscriptions, manage subscriptions, and share content across several services. The app also brings in unique features such as creating themes and different ways to mark items as read to make it stand out from the crowd.


Apps from a lot of genres have witnessed a new lease of life with the launch of iPod Touch and the iPhone. Founder of the famous online music streaming service Pandora even admitted that the company is still alive, thanks to iOS devices.

In the same vein, the iPad is vitalising content companies. Particularly magazines, e-books, and blogs. News and feed readers of various sizes and form have popped up in the past few months and we have reviewed quite a lot of them. Feedly promises to be a news and feed reader with a twist. Let’s see how refreshing the experience actually is.