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It’s difficult to believe that the seminal Grand Theft Auto III was released a decade ago. In the intervening years, the franchise has grown to become a huge and often controversial hit for developers Rockstar Games. Long conspicuously absent from Apple’s computers and devices, Rockstar have recently warmed to the Cupertino company and made all but the most recent of the third-person GTA games available for purchase on the Mac App Store, in addition to making GTA: Chinatown Wars available on iOS.

Even considering Rockstar Games’ recent interest in Apple gaming, an iOS port which offers the full experience of the open world, third-person Grand Theft Auto is something of a welcome surprise and will be hotly anticipated by fans and newcomers both. However, while the iPad is surely powerful enough to handle a ten year old game’s graphics and audio, there remains a big question mark as to whether Grand Theft Auto III can truly be translated to touchscreen controls. Have Rockstar Games pulled it off? Read on to find out.