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I don’t know about you, but I’ve already had too much chocolate, scoffed down too many cookies and over-indulged in eggnog at one too many Christmas parties. I’ve had enough and I’m ready to skip the holidays and jump right in to my New Year’s detox. I’m craving fresh fruits and vegetables, looking for recipes that renew and revitalize. To get through the rest of the holiday season, I’ve downloaded The Whole Pantry, a gorgeous collection of vegetarian recipes aimed at restoring balance and promoting health. The app aims to be the whole package, empowering users with lifestyle guides and a “food is thy medicine” philosophy to health. Need another reason to check out this app right now? They’ve just added their first Lifestyle Pack to get you through the holiday season with 15 festive gluten and sugar-free recipes.

If you’re into vegetarian, vegan, gluten free or Paleo– or you just want to balance all that holiday indulgence with some nourishing meals, keep reading to find out more about The Whole Pantry.


Summer is a season of fun in the sun, which means shedding layers of winter clothes and putting on a bathing suit. This very act can bring to light things you’ve been able to ignore under your cozy sweater: a little extra weight, feeling sluggish and basically not taking the best care of your body. Maybe (like me) you consider myself moderately healthy — active (though you don’t exercise regularly), trying to eat healthy (though you like pizza and ice cream), and dabbling in yoga (though you’re no yogi). Every year when summer rolls around you feel that urge to get healthy, join a gym and take control of your diet. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the idea of righting all the wrongs in your life at once, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Green Smoothies asks, “Are you ready to make a healthy change in your diet, but don’t know where to start?”

If your answer is yes, keep reading to learn more about the first steps to a healthier diet.


The question, “What’s for dinner?” can be especially difficult to answer if you’re counting calories or if you have special dietary requirements (vegan, low-sodium, gluten free). Edamam, a recipe search app, wants to help you decide what’s for dinner so you can make more informed, healthier choices about the food you eat. This app focuses on efficiency by making search quick and easy, while also providing users with high quality recipe results.

Keep reading to find out how this recipe search tool is different…and maybe even decide what’s for dinner tonight.