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To-do software is somewhat akin to sports teams, in the sense that everyone has their favorite. Users develop strong allegiances, while apps like Omnifocus develop cult followings. Insult a popular to-do app and be ready to feel the wrath of angry power users. Thanks to apps like Clear, even the simplest to-do apps have diehard fans.

Despite vast differences, all to-do apps are rooted in the basic concept of lists, but most bury this basic idea in complicated databases and an abundance of chrome. TaskPaper by Hog Bay Software puts the “list” back into “to-do list” and saves all task lists as plain text files. TaskPaper doesn’t offer a full-fledged GTD experience per se, but it provides many of the key features without the unpleasant complexities.


PlainText is a plain text editor, one of many in the App Store, but due to its simplicity, ease of use, and feature set, it stands out among the crowd.

The app allows you to write in a clean, distraction free environment and comes with TextExpander and Dropbox support, which means it can easily become a key part of your workflow.


Winners Announced

I’m pleased to announce that we’ve chosen the five winners of the competition! Thank you to everyone who took part, and especially to Jesse at Hog Bay Software for donating the prize.

We’ll be sending through promo codes to the following winners shortly:

  1. Francesc
  2. Michael
  3. Josh Crampton
  4. Outsider
  5. Aaron Kwok

Stay tuned to iPad.AppStorm on Twitter to find out when the next competition is announced!

Old Competition Post

This week I’m ecstatic to announce that we have 5 promo codes for the excellent, and new on the iPad, WriteRoom to give away! William Deal did an extensive review of the app earlier this week which is well worth a read. Here is a choice quote regarding the app:

WriteRoom is an excellent, distraction-free, writing app that is all about getting words on the page.

That pretty much sums it up!