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Can you guess what room of the home you spend most of our waking time in? It’s the kitchen. For many, it’s not just for cooking and dining — it’s also where you study, pay bills and hang out. Whether you’re renting a tiny apartment with a galley kitchen or you’ve just bought your first home (a real fixer upper), you’re going to need some inspiration, ideas and a little DIY.

Maybe it’s just a matter of adding some life to a drab dining area with lighting or a fresh coat of paint. Design solutions might be needed to keep dishes, silverware and cookware organized yet attractively displayed. Great décor apps don’t just provide inspiration, they also allow you to gather ideas, customize with notes and visualizations, purchase accessories and materials, communicate with design pro’s and find decorators/contractors in your area.

As a recipe developer, food writer and photographer I’m always striving to make my kitchen space more beautiful, functional and organized. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite free apps for kitchen design and decorating ideas.

Don’t spend another day in a drab kitchen. Keep reading for tips on redecorating with a little help from your iPad.