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Following on from the roundup last week of beautifully designed iPad app icons I’m going to have an opinionated look at what can make, or break, an app icon.

Why are you writing about icons, you say, surely it hardly matters what an app’s icon looks like? If these were questions that sprung to mind when you read the heading, then think again!

Icons are very very important.


I’m going to freely admit right now that sometimes I judge a book by its cover, and I’m sorry. Especially when it comes to iPad apps I just can’t help but be instantly swayed by the look of the icon.

If it’s garish or tacky I probably won’t even give it a second glance in the App Store, and even if its functionality warrants a place it’ll find itself on some far removed page (or heaven forbid, hidden in a folder…). On the other hand, I have a healthy amount of appreciation for those developers who understand the importance of their icon and succeed in the ever so difficult task of creating a great one!

We’re going to have a look now at a solid collection of excellent apps that have made it here by virtue of their icons. Be warned, however, lovers of good design may find themselves out of pocket…