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There are plenty of apps available on the iPad for doodling, sketching, and drawing. Ever since the App Store was introduced people have been looking for the best apps that incorporate drawing on the iPhone and iPad without a stylus. While those apps have been reviewed over and over, there are not nearly as many great apps available for vector based drawing on the iPad.

Enter iDraw. Now in version 1.3, this reasonably priced app ($8.99) seeks to replicate the features of the well-known Adobe Illustrator software and bring those tools to the iPad. Although I have little experience with Illustrator, from what I can tell those who have used it will be able to quickly pick up iDraw and begin creating masterpieces. You can use iDraw to do a variety of things, from projects that involve graphing and blueprints to creating works of art.

Before we continue I should forewarn you – I was not an art major and the drawings you’ll see in these pictures probably wouldn’t even make it onto my mother’s fridge. If you can appreciate “abstract” art or you’re simply just intrigued, by all means read on!


Our featured sponsor this week is iDraw, a superb, and feature-packed, vector drawing and illustration app for the iPad!

Professional Vector Editing Comes to the iPad

Josh reviewed iDraw a while ago and found it to be an excellent application, really one of the first apps that made you feel like you had a professional layout tool on an iOS device. Since then it’s only improved!

Alongside great features like layers, text, images, multi-color gradients, RGB color picker, brushes, pen tool, customizable canvas styles, grid snapping, masking, and PDF export, iDraw has added features such as;

  • Shape libraries
  • SVG Import and Export
  • Dropbox Integration
  • Dimension lines
  • Boolean path combinations
  • Canvas scale, Rulers, and Units (mm, cm, inches)
  • Pen tool multi-point selection and editing

Grab a copy of iDraw and create mockups, illustrations, and vector designs on the iPad!