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When Apple announced the release of iPhoto for iPad last year, many people, including myself, ditched their current image editing app in favor of the newcomer, simply because of the prestigious reputation of the software itself. But, the question is, how does iPhoto for iPad compare to the likes of Photogene, an application that has been an App Store favorite for over half a decade? Read on to find out!


I have been a huge admirer of Aviary for a long time now. I don’t use their web apps often, but I’m in awe at them for showing the world what web apps are capable of. The range and quality of their toolkit on the web is praiseworthy. It’s no wonder that the developers have started licensing their toolkit.

Image editing in the mobile phone genre is largely powered by Aviary, and the most famous example of this is the recently launched Twitpic app. Not just comfortable being in the background, Aviary has launched its official iOS app in the app store. Let’s go check out how functional it is. (more…)

Since the introduction of the iPhone, iPad, and the App Store there have been a number of apps released that serve for quickly editing photos and applying fun and artistic effects. It seems you can now buy any collection of apps at low prices to edit images and apply filters similar to those offered in Photoshop. Of course, Photoshop is a one stop shop for doing just about anything with images, but the learning curve and the price are both quite steep.

For all those out there who don’t want to take the time to learn or just want to apply effects fast there are apps like Percolator. This unique image editor provides a number of options for turning photos into mosaic images in no time. So, let’s get brewing!


There are a whole host of image editing applications open to iPad owners. These range from the rudimentary to some comparatively advanced and surprisingly capable apps which can offer much of the basic functionality of their larger desktop siblings. Subsplash’s Luminance definitely falls into the latter category, and successfully provides iPad users with an intuitive platform from which one can edit images, with easy cropping and rotation, in addition to filters and more.

However, strong though it appears on paper, Luminance certainly has some stiff competition in the iOS App Store in the shape of great apps like Snapseed and Adobe Photoshop Express. So, how does Luminance stack up against these competitors? Read on to find out more.


With the added horsepower of the iPad 2, developers have been able to offer more powerful applications that can meet the needs of professionals. In the crowded image editing field, Filterstorm Pro stands apart as one of the most impressive and fully-featured mobile editing solutions for the discerning photographer.

With its ability to edit high resolution JPEG and RAW images, batch process large numbers of files, and connect to an FTP server for final delivery, we examine whether or not Filterstorm Pro may be able to replace a laptop-based workflow in a demanding professional photography environment.