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I’ve been playing the Infinity Blade games since they were first released a couple years ago. Looking back, it’s stunning how far the iPhone has come since the first one was announced for the iPhone 4. At the time, I hadn’t purchased an iPhone yet and was playing the thing on my trusted third-generation iPod Touch. Then, Infinity Blade was a show-stopping demo. Friends and family were shocked at how incredibly good-looking the game I held in my hand was.

Of course, Infinity Blade has evolved a lot since then. Infinity Blade II tried to ratchet up the storytelling and added some non-linear “choose your own adventure” moments. Much of Infinity Blade III, the most recent instalment in the series, follows the same route, but it also brings some major enhancements to the table. And while we’ve always been talking about Infinity Blade like it was a console game, I’d argue this entry is the first real console game in the series. Except, like always, you can play it on your iOS device. Read on to find out whether or not Infinity Blade III is worth your hard-earned cash.


There were a ton of big movies this summer, and although The Dark Knight Rises was a pretty big deal, let’s face it: The Avengers was the star of the season. Featuring Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Thor and The Incredible Hulk, it was quite the event, for sure.

But the fun didn’t stop this summer, because Marvel has years of Avengers-related stories to tell over the next few years. To keep the hype going, they recently released Avengers Initiative for the iPhone and iPad (which doesn’t include the first-gen iPad, iPhone 3GS and iPod touch), and it’s the first in a series. Is it worth the seven bucks or should you spend your money somewhere else? Let’s find out. (more…)

Over the last year or so it’s become patently obvious that the iPad is a fantastic platform for gaming! From excellent iPad versions of iPhone games, such as Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja, to more serious console contenders, I’m thinking Infinity Blade and Real Racing, there has been an explosion of games available for the iPad.

The size of the iPad’s screen and it’s powerful processor lend it perfectly to running really quite advanced games, the iPad 2 makes a bold move even further in this direction with the serious increase in graphics power.

But, the real question is, what type of iPad gamer are you?

Just because the iPad can handle complex games doesn’t necessarily mean it’s suited to them, do you prefer to use iPad games to pass the time?

Or, are you someone who simply loves to get fully involved in your games – does the racing experience of Real Racing, and using the iPad’s gyro, take your love of games to the next level?

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts – simply post a comment below! What is your favourite iPad game?

Since the beginning of the smartphone era it’s become abundantly clear that people love to game on the move. If snake didn’t make it obvious in ’90s, then Angry Birds has really flung it home.

The more powerful our mobile devices become, the more it seems right that we should delve further into the world of gaming, and move stridently beyond slicing fruit and landing planes. Is there an illustrious future for complex games on our smartphones? Perhaps, although I’m not sure the iPhone can ever truly compete with console gaming; the limitations are too great. What is more pressing a question is how far can gaming on the iPad go?

How well suited is the iPad for more complex and advanced games? Will it (or tablets in general) ever be able to compete with, or replace, consoles?