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A well-designed, feature-rich sports app is something of a marvel on a mobile platform. While dozens of programs exist, the best are usually limited to specific sports or teams. Those that don’t have these limitations then run in to an even larger problem: how does one app show statistics and results from dozens of sports, each with dozens of teams?

The answer to that question might come from an unexpected source: Yahoo.


Here at iPad.AppStorm, we absolutely love iPad apps, from business ones to weather ones. We review all different kinds of app, but from now on we’d like to focus on a particular category of app every month, giving you the very best reviews, roundups, feature pieces and how-to guides on that particular kind of app.

For July, our theme will be productivity apps. We’ll be kicking off with a feature about Droplr and throughout the month, we’ll be bringing you great reviews, features and guides on how to be more productive with your iPad. All our posts will be marked with the tag productivity month, which you can follow by clicking here.

So fasten your seat-belts, get your iPad battery charged right up to 100%, and prepare your fingers. It’s going to be a fun ride!

As a user of Twitter, the ability to check my profile on the move is something that’s essential. The range of Twitter clients out there for the iPad is huge, but the temptation to stick with the official Twitter app is something that many Twitter users may find hard to overcome. In this article, I’ll be looking at a small number of the many Twitter clients out there for the iPad, namely Tweetbot for iPad, Twitterrific and Twitter. Read on to find out how these three apps compare in terms of their user interface and the features they deliver.


Flipboard exemplifies the modern, successful application. Since its release, it has outwitted some of the most successful magazine and news organizations of the century. Many attribute its success to the innovative interface, which combines elements found in high-profile magazines with the fluidity of modern digital design, but others find the very idea behind the app to be the most intriguing aspect. The premise of Flipboard is obvious: in an age when opening a Twitter client also downloads a deluge of updates and information, Flipboard automatically sifts through the rubble and reveals only the truly great content hiding in the mundane updates that populate modern social networks. (more…)

Most of us have seen the hilariously yet morbidly cute video called Dumb Ways to Die that went viral earlier this year. Something about those cute little cartoon characters singing and dancing to the tune of stupid decisions is just so luring. I mean, setting fire to your hair had never been that catchy before this video.

Now, that adorable video has been transformed into its own iOS game. It is your job to correct the characters’ poor decisions to save them from what would be an inevitable death. Can you survive? Find out after the break.


Today, Apple unveiled their newest iteration of iOS (appropriately called iOS 7) at WWDC. It features a complete redesign that re-envisions what is possible with an iPhone and iPad while adding a ton of great new features that make it even better for Apple’s power users. Let’s check out what iOS 7 brings to the table. (more…)

I was a child of the 1990’s. This means that I grew up on Sega Genesis and NES – I also owned an N64, a PlayStation 2 and various other consoles and handhelds. In my early teens, the games my friends and I played the most were racing ones. We were all really into the old Need For Speed, Burnout, and Gran Turismo games.

At a certain point, though, Need For Speed started getting a bit stale and we moved on (which is another way of saying we started going out with women). But, in my early university years, Need For Speed re-invented itself with Shift and Shift 2 – realistic driving games that had more in common with Forza Motorsport than they did with Burnout. It was a welcome change. EA also released the titles on iPad, and with no sign of a third version coming, having a look at Shift 2: Unleashed seems apt.


Word games have been around for ages and they still live on as strong as ever in today’s day and age. The App Store hosts countless games that fit the genre, however it’s hard to find ones that truly stick out. This roundup will focus on 10 different word games that are among my favorites as well as other writers’ favorites here on iPad.AppStorm. To find out which apps made the cut, read on after the break.


A few months ago, we posted a roundup of eight awesome 8-bit iPad games. Now we’re back with eight more awesome 8-bit games for the iPad so you can enjoy even more wonderful, pixel-y goodness. Read more about this new round of retro-inspired games after the break.


This week, we’re asking which type of iPad model you currently own. It always amazes me that there are some dedicated users (including some who read iPad.AppStorm!) that still have an original iPad, running iOS 5 and since it’s celebrated its third birthday this week, I thought it fitting to poll our readers.

So go ahead and vote in this week’s poll on the right – which generation of iPad are you currently using?

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