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A lot of people talk about image editing on iPad, but I’m not sure it’s quite there yet. Until it handles RAW, I’m going to be continually disappointed by some of the controls these apps offer. But some of them are so promising that it’s hard not to be tantalized by them, not to think that they offer a real glimpse of the photo editing future.

Some people have said things like that about iPhoto. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fine app, but it’s never going to replace some of the finer tools we’re used to on our desktops. Other people have said similar things about Snapseed, an app I really admire for what it’s doing on an iPad. But at the same time, Snapseed feels like it’s a little non-intuitive. It takes me a long time to really “get” what it’s about. That’s not the case with Photoristic HD though. Photoristic is an iPad photo editor’s dreamland: it’s fast, powerful, and a lot of fun. Read on to find out what makes this a must-have image editor.


When Apple announced the release of iPhoto for iPad last year, many people, including myself, ditched their current image editing app in favor of the newcomer, simply because of the prestigious reputation of the software itself. But, the question is, how does iPhoto for iPad compare to the likes of Photogene, an application that has been an App Store favorite for over half a decade? Read on to find out!


If you are like me, then you love taking pictures. Pictures of your friends, pets, vacation spots and relatives are plastered all over your walls, lockers, desks, refrigerators and mirrors. And let’s not forget all of the pictures of you and your friends on FaceBook! Photos are a great way to capture memorable experiences in a flash. What’s more fun than taking pictures? Why sharing them, of course!

There are so many ways to share your visual experiences with the world. Some people prefer the physical route by making scrapbooks and decorating special paper with crazy designs and colors, while others prefer the digital route and posting directly to Facebook or Flickr. Apple has found a way to tie both of these directions together in their iPhoto for iOS app with a feature named Photo Journaling. (more…)

One of the lesser annoucements on March 7th (which I feel was slightly overshadowed by the new iPad and new Apple TV) was the announcement of iPhoto for the iPad. This release brought all of Apple’s iLife software to the iPad (Garageband and iMovie had previously been released along with the iPad 2 back in March 2011). iPhoto really needs no introduction as most Mac users are used to it already (it comes in the iLife package which is included with every new Mac bought) so let’s jump straight in and see what the iPad version has to offer and, more importantly, whether it matches up to its bigger brother on the Mac.


One of the biggest app announcements from the recent Apple event was the introduction of iPhoto for iOS. It got a great demonstration on stage and has spent the last couple of weeks buzzing around the Top Charts.

The question for today is, do you like it?

Are you a massive fan of the workflow that iPhoto encourages, or do you find it limiting? Do the gestures make you feel like you’re living in the future, or do you find them confusing and redundant?

I think that iPhoto was a superb app to showcase with the Retina iPad, but what do you think – have you tried it on an iPad 2? Feel free to leave a comment below about your experience with iPhoto!