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Most iPad owners I meet are content with using the apps provided by Apple. Whether it’s from lack of interest or uncertainty about what’s available in the App Store, they stick with what’s provided to them and go about their business. I, on the other hand, only use a few of Apple’s apps for which alternatives are available and stash the rest away in a folder. There are many reasons why I opt for third-party apps, but anyone that visits an app review blog, such as yourself, probably doesn’t need must explanation why they’re often much better.

With iOS 7’s release, a few of Apple’s apps that I abandoned long ago got a reprieve; mainly due each app’s stark redesign from their iOS 6 predecessor. Of those apps, iTunes Movie Trailers is by far one of my favorites. Beforehand, I was using a combination Wigglehop, Fandango and Google for all my theater going excursions, but now Apple’s all-in-one movie app offers nearly all the information and features I’ll ever need. (more…)

Apple’s mobile empire is wide-ranging, both in terms of products, and in terms of units sold. It’s worth remembering, though, that devices such as the iPad and the iPhone wouldn’t exist without Apple’s long-standing commitment to music. The iPad, however, has been somewhat neglected when it comes to audio.

Presumably, this state of affairs is something that developer, Clever and Son, wants to address with the release of their hot-off-the-press app, Couch Music Player. Described as “the music playback app your iPad has been crying out for,” Couch Player aims to improve on the somewhat clunky usability of the inbuilt iOS Music app. But is Couch Player anything more than a shiny new wrapper?


Let’s be honest: When it comes to finding new music in iTunes, Apple could be doing a better job. Their curators for the iTunes store are good, but unless you live indie rock or pop music, you’re not likely to find more than a couple new artists every year. And for some people, that average isn’t high enough. Beyond that, Apple doesn’t promote too many small independent artists. (When I was in a rock band, I didn’t have a hope of Apple promoting me.)

That being said, the great thing about the App Store is that there’s definitely an app for that (or, in this case, several apps). One of my favourites is Band of the Day — a great free universal app that helps you find upcoming independent artists and a few who are starting to break into the scene, with a new group or individual appearing every day. These guys are great curators, but an app is about more than an iTunes link — it’s also about content and presentation. (more…)

Being that my job is to review apps, I make quite a few purchases from the App Store. Some apps are free, some aren’t, it all depends on what it is, but I always get a receipt from the iTunes Store when all is said and done. In fact, I get so many of those that it would concern me if it wasn’t, you know, my job.

But what about you? Do you spend lots on iTunes and the App Store or are you keeping it as low cost as possible? Let us know in the poll to the right!

Just a few days ago, iTunes 11 was released into the wild with all of its fancy new features. Although the paint is still drying on this new version of the often maligned software, we wanted to know what you think about it. Does iTunes 11 finally make iTunes work for you? Is it still too unwieldy and complicated? Ultimately, do you like iTunes 11? Let us know in the poll to the right!

Ever since the iPad was launched in April two years ago, there’s been a lot of development within the music industry in response to the introduction of this immediately popular product. Along with the iPhone, new and innovative ways have been created to identify, discover and create music.

I’m going to show you some of the ways having an iPad has changed the way we find and create music. To find out exactly how far it’s changed the way we do music, it’s important to highlight the static things; the unchanged aspects of our musical lives, as it allows us to highlight the extent to which the iPad has changed things.

Let’s dive in.


Despite a suffering economy, or perhaps because of it, the entertainment industry is booming. One area in particular that continues to get better and better is film, with new releases every week and scores of excellent movies shown every year. Going to the theater is one of the last cheap options for a date or get-together with friends, and the only question after you decide to go to a theater is which movie you should see.

Apple has released their own movie app, called iTunes Movie Trailers, that will help you decide on every aspect of the movie experience, from which trailers to watch to which theater is showing the movie you’re dying to see. Is this app a red-carpet masterpiece, or a B-movie at best? Read on to find out.