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This month of Foodie Fridays is all about apps that make it easier to gather round the table as a family. I’ve issued a challenge: make a goal to cook supper at home five nights a week. Autumn is the perfect time to start fresh, creating a new routine. The key to success: keep it simple. This isn’t about fancy recipes with long lists of ingredients and complex steps. It’s about getting dinner on the table fast, everyone in the family pitching in and maybe even having fun.

Last Friday, I encouraged you to make a fresh start with The Photo Cookbook – Simple & Delicious. We’re taking baby steps in the right direction, beginning with a collection of basic recipes for busy people who don’t necessarily love to cook but want to avoid ordering takeout. This week I’ve selected BBC Good Food Quick Recipes, which offers more creative dishes featuring global cuisines. Keep reading to find out how this app can help you continue your new routine with quick, easy, flavorful meals.


Autumn brings about a return to routines. The leisurely days of summer are over. Kids go back to school and life becomes busier as extracurricular activities resume: after school sports and choir practice, school plays and orchestra performances. Kids aren’t the only ones caught up in the go-go-go; parents have PTA meetings to attend, gym sessions to sweat through, book clubs to host and date nights to prioritize. As the calendar fills up and we feel stretched ever thinner, gathering over a home-cooked meal becomes more difficult. We’re too busy to plan and shop, too tired to cook, too rushed to sit down for thirty minutes as a family.

Here on Foodie Friday, the month of September is dedicated to gathering around the table for a home cooked family meal. Each week I’ll be sharing an app that makes cooking at home 5 nights a week simple, easy and fun. Look for tips on sharing the workload (it’s not all on Mom’s shoulders) and getting kids involved. Find clever ideas for prepping ahead so you can get dinner on the table in minutes. Whether you’re a busy professional couple with one child or a stay-at-home parent to four, making time to gather around the table as a family is a challenge. Make a goal this month to start a new routine, with a little help from your iPad.

Keep reading to find out more about my first pick of the series.


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Who’d have thought that when the iPad was released back in 2010 that you’d be able to create music on it using friendly monsters? Well, that’s what the developers of MonsterMusic, BubbaMoney Studios have managed to create, who we’d like to thank for kindly sponsoring iPad.AppStorm this week!

When I was growing up, there were a whole gamut of shows dedicated to making me a more educated child. Between Sesame Street, The Electric Company and Reading Rainbow, I had it all.

Today, as the father of a toddler, I want my son to have similar experiences. As it turns out, now there’s a Reading Rainbow iPad app, full of all sorts of games and activities designed to stimulate the mind of a young reader. But does it stand up to the TV show’s legacy? Let’s find out. (more…)

It’s consistently surprising how quickly young children take to the iPad, it’s further proof of just how intuitive it really is. We’re going to end up with a generation of kids who’ll get confused when pinching their fingers on an atlas doesn’t make it zoom out…

If you have young children and an iPad then this roundup is for you. If you don’t then most of these apps will probably be a little basic for you, probably. If you want to be the proud parent of the next computer whizz, then get your child started early with some of these bright and playful iPad apps!


Ok, let’s be honest, right up front. While we all love our families, and can agree that children are truly wonderful gifts, no one wants to go on an extended road trip with a backseat full of little ones. If they’re especially young — let’s say newborn to 3 or 4 years old — the suggestions that follow may not work for you. I know I’d hesitate to hand over my $500 device to someone under 4 years old.

But for anyone older than that — how about we say the 5 and up crowd — the iPad could truly be a tired parent’s dream-come-true. There is an absolute wealth of kid-focused apps for the iPad. From honest games that’ll kill time and keep them occupied, to more educationally stimulating offerings, the App Store has you covered. Let’s dive in, and I’ll show you some of the best of the best.