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While some analysts have tried to claim that Apple’s recent financial results are something of a disappointment, you’d have to be really stubborn to deny that a Net Profit increase of 94% Year-over-Year is a letdown.

11.8 million iPads is a very impressive mark to hit; particularly in a typically slower quarter, and with Apple selling new iPads as fast as they could make them. It’s safe to say the the iPad is still the undisputed king of the tablet jungle.

My question to you today is vastly different from last week’s poll, in that I’m asking you to take a guess (educated or not). How long until we see a true iPad competitor?

You can argue all you want that the Kindle Fire must be selling, but I’ve yet to even see one in the wild! Even if the Kindle Fire is gaining on the iPad, can it even be considered a true competitor?

How long will it be until someone matches the quality of design and seamless user experience of the iPad?

Just over a month ago we took a look at how the Kindle Fire stacked up against the iPad, last week saw the actual release of Amazon’s Kindle Fire. I was pretty hopeful about this one, the least the iPad deserves is some genuine competition…

The reviews cames flooding in, everyone trying to assess the potential while simultaneously rattling off a review after a single day of use. It’s not that first impressions aren’t important, they are, but I’m more interested in how the Kindle Fire will look once the dust has settled – there’ll inevitably be a Kindle Fire 2, what does this new device from Amazon mean for the iPad?


Apple created a new product category when it launched the first iPod in 2001. In 2010, nine years later, the iPod still held over 70% of the mp3 player market share. In 2007, Steve Jobs unveiled the awe-inspiring iPhone. While the iPhone wasn’t a new product category, it was a reinvention of the smartphone and competitors were found scrambling to keep up. Last year came the iPad, where Apple again established themselves as a major player, this time as the creators of the modern tablet market.

We’ve seen Apple set the bar with the iPod and iPhone, allowing them to control the market as competitors look for ways to quickly develop products that can compete and still be cost effective to produce (remember the Zune? Ouch.). So, as we see tablets come and go (like the highly touted, but disappointing HP Touchpad) the question must be asked is;

Will anyone catch up with the iPad and if so, how long will it take?

To determine the answer to that question let’s look at some of the best alternatives on the market right now.


Amazon has finally announced their long-awaited entry into the tablet market. Rumors have been circling for months now, including a well-documented look into the device that MG Siegler got when he actually held the then-unannounced device.

The device is called the Kindle Fire, and it’s going to enter the market with a bang. How does it stack up to the iPad, though? Let’s discuss.