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Can you guess what room of the home you spend most of our waking time in? It’s the kitchen. For many, it’s not just for cooking and dining — it’s also where you study, pay bills and hang out. Whether you’re renting a tiny apartment with a galley kitchen or you’ve just bought your first home (a real fixer upper), you’re going to need some inspiration, ideas and a little DIY.

Maybe it’s just a matter of adding some life to a drab dining area with lighting or a fresh coat of paint. Design solutions might be needed to keep dishes, silverware and cookware organized yet attractively displayed. Great décor apps don’t just provide inspiration, they also allow you to gather ideas, customize with notes and visualizations, purchase accessories and materials, communicate with design pro’s and find decorators/contractors in your area.

As a recipe developer, food writer and photographer I’m always striving to make my kitchen space more beautiful, functional and organized. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite free apps for kitchen design and decorating ideas.

Don’t spend another day in a drab kitchen. Keep reading for tips on redecorating with a little help from your iPad.


If you like collecting recipes like Ash Ketchum collected Pokemon, you’ve probably already turned to your iPad as your kitchen companion. It’s a great way to browse and view all of those recipes that only live on the internet while you’re doing the important business of cooking.

Sure, you could just open up a lot of bookmarked tabs or have some text files saved to Dropbox, but there’s surely a better way to organize all of those recipes. I’m taking a look at Pepperplate to see if it can be that better way and whether it has the features to make a great sous-chef. (more…)

Are there any areas of your life which are not being changed due to technology? For me, the most mundane areas of my life have suddenly become easier to manage. For example, getting up to turn on a lamp used to be annoying, but now I can just use the Wemo app and turn the lamp on.

With technology moving away from the office and into all parts of our homes, areas previously unaltered with technology are becoming increasingly exciting as technology can aid in mundane task. Checking the temperature of meat can become mundane when cooking for an extended period of time. A good grill or smoker can and should be able to maintain its temperature without much fuss from the cooker, but I am not comfortable yet to leave my grill temperature unchecked for hours. In recent years there has been an improvement and innovation with wireless thermometers but these require the griller to carry around an extra item to check the temperature.

To aid in improving grilling enjoyment the iGrill wants to make grilling or smoking meat easier. By using the iGrill device you can connect your iOS device through Bluetooth and remotely monitor the temperature of your meat or grill. While time is a helpful gauge on whether a piece of meat is ready, I am never as confident with that first cut unless I have stuck a temperature probe into the meat. The iGrill is a unique idea but what about the execution? Is it reliable enough to forgo all visual temperature checks during those long cooks? Let’s dive in and see if this device really makes grilling an easier experience.


In truth, the iPad was really made with one thing in mind, wasn’t it? That’s right – recipes.

I suspect that wasn’t the first thing that sprang into your mind, but it would be fair to say that, as a device, the iPad is perfect for culinary education. You can access as many recipes as you like, get information on ingredients, and browse suggestions for recipes to try.

Or, at least, that should be the case. Unfortunately, many food apps feel like cash-ins, simply providing a vaguely more interactive version of the over-priced hardback books already available.

It would seem that legendary restaurateur Alain Ducasse and his team have set out to do something different with their app, My Culinary Encyclopedia. But does this particular entrant to the food App Store charts cut the mustard?


How often do you wish you had more than one timer in the kitchen? How many nights do you cook dinner with at least two pots on the fire and something roasting in the oven too? One-pot meals are fine, but most of the time cooking involves multi-tasking. It’s so frustrating to realize both the microwave and oven timers are occupied and scramble around the house for your phone or another clock while the rice burns and who knows how long the chicken has been roasting? If you’ve ever felt scrambled and unorganized while preparing a meal, KitchenPad Timer is here to help.

Being a good cook begins with keeping a clean, organized workspace. Professional chefs call this “mis en place”, meaning “everything in its place.” KitchenPad Timer isn’t just a remedial alarm clock – it’s a sleek, thoughtfully designed app that provides a bird’s-eye-view of all your timers at once. Never burn the cookies again and always get everything on the table piping hot and perfectly cooked with this handy kitchen utility app.

Keep reading to learn more about how KitchenPad Timer can help you be a better cook.


So, if you read last week’s instalment, you know how to get started with the iPad as a living room machine. Moving through the house our next stop is the kitchen, and how we might use Apple’s iconic tablet to help with cooking, planning, and other kitchenly activities.