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Harry Potter is an incredibly successful media franchise and much like similarly-successful series like Batman and Indiana Jones, it’s been mixed with LEGO. LEGO Harry Potter brings the storyline of the books and movies to a video game setting that’sĀ interspersed with the charm and style of the long popular construction toy.

LEGO is quite notable for it’s line of tie-in video games, even ones that sit alongside more traditional remakes of popular media. In recent years, these games have made their way into the mobile word, including Harry Potter. Today, we’ll take a look at theĀ LEGO Harry Potter games available for your iPad. (more…)

Battleheart is a lightweight cartoon-style swords and sorcery game designed for casual gamers. Its colorful graphics and amusing animations are very appealing. It’s from Mika Mobile, who also make Zombieville USA.

The game itself is very easy to learn and play at the earlier levels, while the later levels remain quite challenging, requiring a fair bit of strategy and coordination. I have, I confess, been spending way too long playing it since I bought it – a fact emphasized by the useful summary of time expended which you see when first opening the game!