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Microsoft has been a little more forthcoming with developing iOS apps and, although Office for iOS is still but a pipe dream, the folks at Redmond have been busy working on apps such as OneNote, Xbox SmartGlass and SkyDrive.

Their latest release is Microsoft Remote Desktop, providing access to your Windows PC remotely from the comfort of your iOS device. It certainly isn’t the first remote access or screen sharing app for iOS and, up to now, there’s been a rather busy market for apps such as this. Things are about to change as Microsoft’s offering is not only free, it’s very easy to use and provides a great way to access your Windows PC remotely.


About a year ago I wrote an article for iPad AppStorm entitled, “What the new Microsoft Surface means for the iPad”. It got lots of comments, many of which called me biased towards Apple and the iPad. Maybe I was slightly biased, but as an iPad and iPhone owner writing on an iPad website that was to be expected. Today I revisit this old topic as news of Microsoft slashing the price of the Surface RT (the lower end model) is released upon the world. In this article I’ll again be looking at the Surface and the iPad, what they mean for each other and whether the Surface has proved a true contender to the iPad on a number of levels.

Read on for more.

Apple’s death-grip like control of the App Store has became quite legendary since it was launched in 2008. Some of you may remember in 2009 when Apple rejected the official Google Voice app, which was eventually admitted, but not without a probe first being launched by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Or perhaps you remember in 2010, when Apple took its sweet time (25 days) to finally approve the Opera Mini browser app, which, at the time, seemed as if it would never happen.

Well, 25 days is nothing in comparison to what SkyDrive — Microsoft’s cloud based storage service — users have had to endure. Having not received an update since June 1st last year, version 3.0 of SkyDrive for iOS was finally given the okay from Apple on April 3rd (the delay was caused by a disagreement regarding the 30 percent cut from revenue Apple would receive from in-app purchases). Now that the bickering has stopped, it’s time to take a look at what the newest version of SkyDrive has to offer. (more…)

ElectricSlide is a really simple concept executed brilliantly. Anyone who has ever had to give a presentation will know how frustrating it is to move files around or to try out connections just to get your hard-crafted work displayed on a screen somewhere. How awesome would it be to simply turn up at a conference or a meeting and just press play on your iPad, and have it all presented perfectly and seamlessly over the resident Internet connection?

This is the promise of ElectricSlide, and it was with great enjoyment that I took this slick app out for a test-run to see what it could do, and if it lived up to the promise. Read on to see what I found.


Sony’s revealing of the PlayStation 4 left more questions than answers. For starters, what’s the launch date? How much does it cost? And what does it actually look like? Almost every single facet of Sony’s presentation was positively Lost-ian, answering questions with more mysteries and dropping clues which seemed to go absolutely nowhere. I wonder if they’re simply out to beat Microsoft to the punch by announcing an unfinished product to the masses just so they can say they were first.

One area that Sony does seem sold on is making sure that the PS4 is cloud-based and mobile. Their branding is a little confusing, but I know they really want me to buy a PS Vita with my PS4 so I can play games on the go. I also know that they’ll eventually be supporting the iPad, but they haven’t exactly clarified how yet. And in what seems like typical Sony launching fanfare, they haven’t shown off the interface either — they only teased it. What we’re left with are important questions: What will the iPad do when we pair it with a PS4? And most importantly, will it work?

Is this a good idea? Let’s find out.


The battle for dominance between iOS and Android is not diminishing. Since the iPhone was introduced in 2007, and Android the year following, a back and forth struggle between the two operating systems continues to endure, with Android clearly winning the numbers game with a 75% worldwide market share. While not a very big threat at the moment, Microsoft has thrown their proverbial hat into the ring with the recent release of Windows Phone 8 and the Surface.

With all three mobile operating systems striving to become the clear choice for would-be smartphone buyers, I find it rather interesting that Google and Microsoft continue to build their presence on iOS, while Apple seems content to playing in their own backyard (so to speak). Why is this important? Hit the jump to find out. (more…)

Microsoft’s development for the iPad has, in my opinion, been a little sketchy in recent times. Although there has been chatter of the entire Microsoft Office suite being released for the iPad (thanks to a job posting on Microsoft’s website), nothing much concrete has emerged apart from two components of the Office bundle, OneNote and Lync.

Yet, even Microsoft’s development of OneNote for iPad has been a little lacking as well — the current version hasn’t seen an update since December 2011, over 8 months ago — and even searching for the keyword “Microsoft” in the App Store on the iPad brings up the alternative query, “Did you mean mochasoft?” Of course, there are apps out there that offer full Microsoft Office compatibility and try to emulate some of the features seen in the popular office suite, such as CloudOn and QuickOffice Pro HD, however up till recently there has been no decent alternative to Microsoft OneNote.

That has changed, however, with the release of Outline+ which offers intuitive note-making as well as full OneNote support and a whole host of other features. I managed to download the app and give it a whirl. Here’s what I thought of it. (more…)

Throughout history, as long as there have been market leaders there have been competitors, that’s just how it goes – Coca Cola has Pepsi, Ferrari has Lamborghini, and Apple has Microsoft and Google. With regard to the tablet market the recently announced Microsoft Surface tablets (Surface and Surface Pro) could be the first truely serious contenders from Microsoft who are looking for a slice of the extremely lucrative market practically created by Apple’s ever-dominant iPad.

So what does the new Microsoft Surface announcement mean for the iPad?

What’s the latest iPad rumor? Well there are a ton of them going around nowadays, what with a rumored event happening March 7th and all that, but one of the hot tickets is that Microsoft Office is coming to the iPad. Don’t believe it? Well there’s a picture, a story on The Daily and a journalist who’s fighting pretty hard to prove that he’s right. And, as they say, where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

But what does this mean for the iPad? Do we really need Office or is it just a crutch for people who think they need it? Talk it out after the jump.