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When I downloaded Moonbot Studios’ first production (The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore) I was amazed at the combination of story, animation, and interactivity. Not only did I have fun with the app/book, but I was able to watch in wonder as my nephew flicked, tapped, and played his way through the app. He loved the book. I loved the book.

With The Numberlys, Moonbot Studios’ second offering, has the company hit a sophomore slump, or is this just as magical as the first experience with Morris Lessmore? Let’s find out.


Around 1440, Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press. The printed word was a rare and valuable commodity in his world, and few people could read the few books there were. Books were painstakingly copied by hand, and represented years of work in making each volume. Now, in a day, Gutenberg could print more than you could write by hand in a year.

Fast forward 440 years. The motion picture was just becoming a reality, before most people had even had their own photograph taken. Before long, the world’s favorite pastime took us away from books, keeping us instead glued to our screens. First movies, then broadcast TV, and now iTunes rentals on your iPad, all bringing the magic of videos into more of our lives.

Last year, Steve Jobs announced the iPad as the eBook reader that would stand on the shoulders of the Kindle, and push eBooks to the next level. While both iBooks and the Kindle apps have made reading a great experience on the iPad, most eBooks to date are either plain text without even the formatting we’d expect from a paper book, or huge image or PDF files that don’t scale well. Neither make the book substantially better than it has been for centuries.

Then Moonbot Studios came, and showed the world how the future of books and movies had changed.