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If you actually stop and think about it, the iPhone and iPad has replaced the need for, well, almost everything really. Books, music, photographs, games, satellite navigation… it is all there, packed inside a device as little as half the size of a paperback novel. But can an iPhone or iPad replace the humble Moleskine, an iconic notebook used by people like Vincent van Gogh and Ernest Hemingway since the 19th Century, with Moleskine Journal? Let’s find out!


Just released to the iTunes App Store on Monday, Codex is a notebook app that strives to combine all of the best aspects of Moleskine with the iPad. Codex isn’t affiliated with the notebook giant but has definitely captured what makes them so special. Not just a place to jot down a to do, Codex is also where you can sketch out your art, write notes to yourself and your friends, or just do any of the things you would do in a paper notebook.

We’ll try out this brand new handwriting app and see if it has the features to get you to make the switch from pencil and pad to fingertips and iPad! (more…)

Evernote is one of the most popular digital notebooks services, and it has been very popular with iOS users for some time now. There have been many complaints (mostly plain text fanatics) about Evernote’s export ability if you choose to leave the service, but I feel that Evernote is better fit as a digital archive rather than an ongoing list of notes. What has brought people to using Evernote in the past is how easy it is to save info from the web for reference and items to remember later. Have a great meal? Save the image into Evernote along with the recipe for when you would like to cook it.

While features are not touted as the main new items in the new Evernote, the redesign is. The old Evernote seemed to suffer from an identity crisis. On iOS, the app was not uniform and looked completely different when using the iPad and iPhone. With the new redesign, the app and service has become more uniform and looks consistent, with extra features on the iPad due to screen real estate. Let’s take a closer look after the jump.  (more…)

Microsoft’s development for the iPad has, in my opinion, been a little sketchy in recent times. Although there has been chatter of the entire Microsoft Office suite being released for the iPad (thanks to a job posting on Microsoft’s website), nothing much concrete has emerged apart from two components of the Office bundle, OneNote and Lync.

Yet, even Microsoft’s development of OneNote for iPad has been a little lacking as well — the current version hasn’t seen an update since December 2011, over 8 months ago — and even searching for the keyword “Microsoft” in the App Store on the iPad brings up the alternative query, “Did you mean mochasoft?” Of course, there are apps out there that offer full Microsoft Office compatibility and try to emulate some of the features seen in the popular office suite, such as CloudOn and QuickOffice Pro HD, however up till recently there has been no decent alternative to Microsoft OneNote.

That has changed, however, with the release of Outline+ which offers intuitive note-making as well as full OneNote support and a whole host of other features. I managed to download the app and give it a whirl. Here’s what I thought of it. (more…)

From grade school to today a notebook is always a valuable resource. With the digital revolution occurring and the iPad creating an entirely new market, the power of a digital notebook has never been more apparent. Since the idea of a digital notebook is not new, the App Store is filled with numerous apps claiming to be the best notebook for the iPad. Some users prefer plain text with Simplenote, while others might prefer a cloud based anything bucket such as Evernote, but the need for a digital notebook is evident.

What makes a good digital notebook? I think this notebook needs to be highly customizable and easy to use. The notebook needs to have powerful features which make it easy to use in a variety of scenarios. Having these features will help an app mold to fit anyone’s workflow. In fact, the workflow of two individuals could be completely different but they might use the same app just because the app is able to mold to anyone’s workflow. ThinkBook is an app that could be perfect for just about anyone, let’s take a look!