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Squareboard is a most unusual app that is a new take on organising your life. Sometimes the things we need to note down, buy, schedule or purchase just don’t fit into a neatly ordered list. Squareboard offers us a way to quickly record an item into a square, associate it with a category and add further detail or a photo.

Having each item in a square (or rectangle) allows you to get a quick overview of many tasks in a single glance. You can also freely re-arrange items using simple drag-and-drop gestures. It really is great fun and a novel way to increase your productivity. It offers the ability to group together items of similar interest and then quickly re-organise should your plans change. Take a closer look after the jump.

There’s an abundance of novelty apps cluttering up the App Store: some great, others not so much. We here at iPad.AppStorm have separated the wheat from the chaff, and compiled a list of ten of the very best novelty apps that the App Store has to offer. Click “more” to see which made the cut!