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When it comes to Apple’s iconic media events, the one thing that guarantees hype is new hardware. No matter what else is on the agenda, iPhones and iPads are the star attractions. Understandably, much of the other news interspersed between device unveilings is swept aside, perhaps given a whisper of coverage after the dust settles. For me, it is those tidbits I find tantalisingly mysterious, a mere breadcrumb hinting at a grander plan. Last week’s iPhone event was no different.

Prior to WWDC I’d have forgiven anyone for thinking iWork had been put out to pasture. With no desktop update since 2009, it’s fair to say the web app versions of Pages, Keynote, and Numbers came with more than a little intrigue. In a sense, Apple had just created its first multi-platform apps. Now, four months later, Apple has dropped another breadcrumb. All three iWork iOS apps are now free for purchasers of a new iOS 7 device — Apple’s strategy is beginning to come full circle with more than a little risk and reward.


Spreadsheets, whether you use them for menial tasks or to crunch some serious numbers, have found a home in almost every computer. Over the years however, they’ve evolved and grown into monstrous beasts that often can grind an older computer to a halt! So, for that very reason, there aren’t that many powerful spreadsheet applications on mobile devices.

The developers behind Permanent, a new and budding app for the iPad, are determined to change that though. Are they off to a good start? Let’s find out for ourselves.

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What does your iPad get used for? The chances are that it is used for a variety of things ranging from accessing social networks and sending emails, to watching videos and playing games. While the bulk of your iPad’s life may be dedicated to fun, it can also be used as a serious tool for work.

On a desktop computer there is one essential piece of software — the office suite. Such tools have existed on mobile platforms for some time now, but have generally left a lot to be desired. But things have evolved over the years, and we’ve now reached a stage where mobile office suites make working on the move with an iPad is easier than ever. Enter Documents To Go Premium. (more…)

Do you hate PowerPoint? Want to give your presentations a little bit of jazz and pop that just can’t be achieved with an animated spiral-in textbox? You may be in luck.

With the help of a dead simple app called Haiku Deck, you can use your iPad to create presentation content on the fly and then share it via social media. Let’s find out more, shall we? (more…)

We’ve always had some way to edit text on the iPad. From the start there was Pages, and although it’s great, for those of us who work with Microsoft Office documents all the time, there are certain features that Pages just doesn’t have. High on that list is the ability to track changes in a Word document, something that lots of people need.

Office2 HD fills that need and more. It’s almost like having the complete Office suite on your iPad, with a few exceptions. Let’s get into it after the jump.  (more…)

What’s the latest iPad rumor? Well there are a ton of them going around nowadays, what with a rumored event happening March 7th and all that, but one of the hot tickets is that Microsoft Office is coming to the iPad. Don’t believe it? Well there’s a picture, a story on The Daily and a journalist who’s fighting pretty hard to prove that he’s right. And, as they say, where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

But what does this mean for the iPad? Do we really need Office or is it just a crutch for people who think they need it? Talk it out after the jump. 


Writing on your iPad might not be the most productive solution for your ten-page essay, but you may come to a point where, through choice or necessity, you want to get some serious writing done.

Most might just opt for using Apple’s $10 Pages app as it seems like the perfect companion to an iPad but, whilst that’s a great solution, there are some awesome alternatives you might want to consider before diving into a purchase.