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If there’s one thing that the iPad doesn’t have a shortage of, it’s note taking apps. And if there’s one thing I can’t get enough of, it’s note taking apps. I’m always interested in trying out the latest and greatest. It’s becoming a serious problem, because I don’t need a new note taking app. In fact, every time a new one pops up, I shake my head. Even though I’ve got a workflow I really like already, I’m compelled to try it.

When I had the opportunity to take a look at Microsoft OneNote’s 2.0 update, I instantly remembered how much I enjoyed the desktop app about two years ago. This was an app that singlehandedly got me through most of my second and third years of university. So even though I’m satisfied with my workflow, I had to check it out. What if OneNote could disrupt what I’ve already got? Read on to find out if it lives up to the hype.


I don’t know whether you’ve noticed, but we — humans, that is — often struggle to remember things. Hence, note-taking is an inherent part of any functional organizational workflow. It is little wonder, then, that numerous app developers have, over the years, attempted to ween us off the good old pen and paper, and move us over to a more technologically advanced method of thought tracking.

For a time, I was drawn in by some of these efforts. I flirted with the creative, freehand reminders which Paper makes possible. I came to the Evernote party relatively late, but I now use it every day to keep my digital life in order. As far as I’m concerned, however, it’s still the case that nothing beats the flexibility and ease of access a real-life notebook can offer. No matter how hard an app tries, it isn’t as visually available as a Post-it note, nor is any touchscreen as sensitive as a thin, bleached slice of tree. What’s more, typed text is ordered — our thoughts, generally, are not.

That is why I’m cautiously enthusiastic about Chisel. Designed to be the one and only digital note-taking app you’re ever going to need, it includes the ability to record your thoughts as text, drawings and annotations.

Can Chisel really strike a decisive blow for digital note-taking? Let the scribbling and typing commence.


Alright, I admit, I screwed up the first time we did this post and the wrong address for @iPadappstorm went out. My bad. However, we randomly chose the winners, and don’t worry, we counted everyone, including those that tweeted out the incorrect line per my mistake. Those winners are:

  • Tony Linde
  • Juan Leon
  • Nicholas LeBlanc

Thanks again to everyone who entered, and be on the lookout for some big contests in the next few weeks! (more…)

Microsoft’s development for the iPad has, in my opinion, been a little sketchy in recent times. Although there has been chatter of the entire Microsoft Office suite being released for the iPad (thanks to a job posting on Microsoft’s website), nothing much concrete has emerged apart from two components of the Office bundle, OneNote and Lync.

Yet, even Microsoft’s development of OneNote for iPad has been a little lacking as well — the current version hasn’t seen an update since December 2011, over 8 months ago — and even searching for the keyword “Microsoft” in the App Store on the iPad brings up the alternative query, “Did you mean mochasoft?” Of course, there are apps out there that offer full Microsoft Office compatibility and try to emulate some of the features seen in the popular office suite, such as CloudOn and QuickOffice Pro HD, however up till recently there has been no decent alternative to Microsoft OneNote.

That has changed, however, with the release of Outline+ which offers intuitive note-making as well as full OneNote support and a whole host of other features. I managed to download the app and give it a whirl. Here’s what I thought of it. (more…)