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I’ve been an iPad user since day one and loved my experience with Apple’s stellar product. I’d definitely say I’m qualified to talk about the iPad, owning the first-generation iPad and, more recently, the new iPad. In fact, I’ve got all three generations here at my house after making excuses not to sell them as I’ve upgraded each year.

For nearly two years I’ve been an iPad user and, with the arrival of my new iPad, I’ve been trialing it as my primary machine. In this article, I’ll be explaining a bit about my experience and discussing some of the apps I’ve been using.


Check. Check. Is this thing on? Hello everyone. If you’re a developer of iPad applications, then today, I’m talking to you. More specifically, the one’s who shouldn’t snooze through today’s address are the iPad game developers, but what I want to talk about applies to a wide range of apps.

I come to you today with a problem that I’ve been putting a great deal of thought into over the last few months. You see, I’m what the tech world might call a “dinosaur.” I got my iPad (the original iPad) around Christmas time the year it came out. This was, if you don’t recall, only months before the iPad 2 was released. I’ve watched as the new iPads and the apps developed for them have gotten better, and I can’t help but feel like I’m being left in the dust – specifically, regarding graphics.


To appropriately mark the downloading of the 25 billionth app, I think it’s important to take a fresh look at the App Store itself. Some of you might argue that I should tone down my approach, surely it’s a grave misnomer to use such strong language in reference to an imaginary (or at least virtual) shop. Much like the way it’s slightly creepy and weird to refer to the iPad, or any other technology for that matter, as sexy…

Love and hate are strong emotions, but I’m feeling opinionated so I’ll stick with them for sheer simplicity. Today I want to look at the App Store, a place we’re all abundantly familiar with, and why I think it’s a brilliant nightmare, a terrible masterpiece.


There’s been quite a bit of debate recently about the next version of the iPad, including all of the usual stuff: Retina display, quad-core chips, yada, yada, yada. But the interesting note lately that came straight from the Wall Street Journal is that Apple is testing out an 8-inch version of the iPad, and it just might be the new release that’s coming (per the rumors, anyways) in the first week of March.

Now we can play the speculation game on “will they or won’t they” all day long, but as usual, we’re not going to know the truth until our next iPad announcement. But what if there really is an 8-inch version of the iPad in testing? I think that it could be a reality, and I’ve got a few different reasons why. 

The explosion of the iPad is nothing short of amazing! If you compare the iPad’s growth to that of the iPhone over the first two years, you’d be hard pressed to find evidence that its success is slowing down any time soon.

While reading through the inevitable, yet somehow still intriguing, technology predictions for 2012 I found a point made by Shawn Blanc to be a rather interesting one. He predicted that;

I think Apple is going to sell more of the 3G models. Just a hunch, but as people start to realize that their iPad can serve as a primary computer then an extra $129 to get 3G becomes a valuable upgrade.

Will the 3G iPad become the dominant model in 2012? Are there good reasons for you not to upgrade to a 3G iPad?


The Apple Education event has come and gone, leaving us all with something to think about; is this the turning point, will our children’s education look vastly different to ours?

In Apple’s vision, the iPad is central and unshakable as the defining force in the future of education – it’s confident posturing that may have a dramatic effect on the way learning looks in only a couple of years. There’s a lot to be impressed by, and excited about, from yesterday’s announcement, but there are also some interesting caveats…

Read on to venture into what the future of education, and e-publishing, may look like with Apple at the helm!


Only the other day I went to call my parents and realised that their landline number was listed as ‘mobile’, this led me down a path of irritating discovery; my address book is not as complete, or accurate, as it should be. My first response was a frustrated exhale and a shrugging of the shoulders. This can wait. I’ll probably have to enter this information again in a year or two…

Then it came to me. The truth is that it’s extremely unlikely that I’ll move away from an Apple-centric set of devices in the next few years. In fact, I can see myself sticking with the Cupertino clan for at least the next decade or two!

I’m here to encourage you, it’s worth getting it organised now – dive in and learn why it’s about time you got your contacts sorted!


It feels like an age ago, but back in December we ran an in-depth survey about AppStorm itself – how very meta of us…

As it was impossible for you to see the results as they happened, I thought I’d enlighten you and talk a little about the focus of AppStorm going into the future (it is the New Year after all). Get set for some charts, percentages, and perhaps a little light japery!


Last week we ran a poll entitled “What Are You Most Excited About in 2012?” The response was great, but relatively unsurprising. People want to see what the next generation of both the iPad and the iPhone looks like!

There has been a huge amount of speculation surrounding Apple making a new move in the television market, and that showed up in the polls – there was also concrete interest in a potential Apple Television. However, today I want to look at a few of the reasons I’m personally excited about the new iPad…


I consider myself pretty cheap. In fact, when I decided to purchase an iPhone and eventually my iPad I swore I would only go through with it as long as I could practice self-control and curtail my spending on apps. I suspect there are plenty of other iPad owners out there who are stingy…er, I mean frugal, like me, but is free always the best option when it comes to apps?

To answer that question let’s compare some of the best free and paid apps in several different categories. Hopefully by the end we’ll be able to determine if that classic phrase, “You get what you pay for,” is really true or not.


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